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Dec 8, 2021

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Golang is a widely-used programming language that is still in its early stages of development. Nevertheless, Golang came in third place in a Stack Overflow poll of programming languages developers want to learn and has become very popular against typescript in recent years.

We’ll look at the reasons behind Go’s popularity, as well as where it’s employed and why it’s worth learning in this post. We’ll also discuss whether you can learn Golang as your first programming language if you’re a complete beginner, as well as other topics.

The objective of this post is to assist you in learning how to use Golang more effectively and accurately, using all of the language’s features and standard libraries to create precise, efficient, and dynamic programs.

A Quick Rundown of GO’s History

Golang was created at Google, and it was named after the company. Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson came up with the idea for the language.

Golang is related to C and, like C, is a programming language for professionals. With Go, you can get the most bang for your buck with the least amount of work. As a result, this language is considerably more than a revamped version of C. Go was intended to replace C++ since learning C++ is time-consuming and complex, particularly when grasping the current standards. Go is much simpler to understand than C++.

Go incorporates and adapts concepts from various programming languages while avoiding characteristics that result in complicated, insecure, and unreliable code. The concurrency tools in Go are brand new and much more productive.

Golang is well-suited to building infrastructure, such as networked servers and tools and platforms for developers. However, this programming language is a general-purpose language employed in graphics, mobile apps, and machine learning.

Golang allows you to swiftly and efficiently implement a project, and it may also be used to create microservices. It is beneficial to businesses that make specialized items with limited functionality. There’s no use in employing frameworks designed for monoliths in this circumstance.

On the other hand, Microservices allow you to simultaneously test many choices for a new service, promotion, or other platform aspects.

Golang programs often execute quicker than ones written in other programming languages. Golang is a programming language that aids in the creation of complicated and engaging applications.

As an open-source programming language, Golang’s source code is publicly accessible. Anyone may use its compiler, libraries, and tools for free.

The Benefits of Learning the Language

Golang features several well-known and lesser-known benefits. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Code that is easy to understand
  • There are a lot of libraries.
  • Flexibility
  • Simple construction procedure

The language’s primary purpose was to be simple, and it was accomplished. As a result, go has a simple syntax (with certain assumptions) that allows you to construct applications more quickly than other languages.

There are two fascinating aspects of studying Golang.

To begin with, a newbie – someone who has never programmed before and wants to become a developer – may rapidly learn Golang. Go is virtually as simple to understand as PHP or even Pascal, yet it has the power of C++.

Golang is also an excellent choice for a beginner’s first programming language.

Yes, Golang’s syntactic constructs are limited; it lacks a full-fledged OOP implementation. However, Go is a functional programming language that may tackle issues of any complexity, including those that companies and industries need.

Second, a skilled developer who understands more programming languages may learn Golang. Developers often know Go after mastering Python, PHP, and C++. Some programmers have learned to utilize both languages effectively over time: Python/Go and PHP/Go. When looking at job postings, you’ll see that the criteria often include Php/Golang, Python/Golang, and other programming languages.

Golang is also notable for its extensive library and package ecosystem. As a result, working with Go becomes more productive.

The second fantastic feature is its flexibility. Golang’s approach to data abstraction and object-oriented programming is surprisingly flexible.

The programming language was established to be quickly learned and used to solve problems rapidly.

There are just 25 keywords, and threads aren’t used to manage memory; instead, the GC and the scheduler are used. In any event, a newbie should begin with small jobs and work their way up to more complicated projects before attempting to produce a project that any firm may need.

It’s also attractive looking at open GitHub repositories (there are many): reviewing other people’s work, suggesting bug fixes, and so on.

It is thought that a developer who already understands one programming language and is familiar with project design concepts would find it easier to learn a new programming language. In truth, this phrase is valid in various fields: if you are proficient in one, you can quickly learn another.

Many programmers who opt to learn Go have trouble grasping specific ideas, but this can be solved.

You will see whether skilled programmers are moving to Go from other languages.

Indeed, programmers become bored of monolithic code and unending regressions; therefore, they learn GO to breathe some fresh air.

You may even attempt to establish your own business with a Go-based concept. However, keep in mind that a startup product must answer a genuine need for regular customers or corporations. Therefore, the project’s design should be guided by requirements rather than constructing tools for the sake of building tools.

Is Golang Often Used in Large Corporations?

We’ll explore whether there’s a significant need for Go developers in this section, if so, in which industries and companies.

Without a doubt, Go is in high demand in practically all major corporations and sectors.

Video converters, streaming services, aggregators, internet retailers, and instant messengers are examples of these. By reviewing the list of corporations whose projects/software using Go, you may assess the amount of demand for Golang engineers in different companies.

Here is a list of the largest firms that use Golang.

  • Dell

  • Google
  • HP
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • RedHat
  • SAP
  • Walmart

Because it is compiled and simple, Golang is fantastic for push notifications, great for streaming, and is quick. Moreover, it’s comparable to interpreted Python in this regard. Consequently, many firms are now searching for engineers who are somewhat acquainted with Go or who are willing to transition to it as part of their learning process.

According to the most recent studies, there is now a significant tendency.

Go is increasingly being utilized to create things typically written in C++, such as a productive backend, mathematics, data processing, and essential non-trivial business logic. In addition, Golang is being used to build what was previously created using C++, C++,.Net, or Java.

Golang is being used increasingly often by top corporations. In large corporations, the tendency is to “rewrite the project in Go from any other programming language.” However, libraries in Go are not available for everything (Golang’s simplicity and dependability).

The need for such programmers will only grow in the future since Golang is great for constructing microservices. Moreover, Golang developers get paid more since there are fewer of them. Middle and senior Golang developers make more than developers of other programming languages.

To summarize, you must acknowledge that Golang is a promising programming language for both development and professional advancement. Without question, Golang is the programming language of the future.

So, if Golang appeals to you, you should take the initial steps and attempt to learn it. The need for expertise in this field will only increase in the future years. Go is not a fad; the language will evolve for many years.

It is practically possible for any highly motivated novice to learn it after some time and effort. However, since there aren’t as many Go developers as previously, now is a great time to get into the field.

The official Golang website is the most significant source of information on the language that you can recommend. Golang’s official website has a wealth of data, including specs, standard packages, and more.

You may also discover the most recent changes and instructions on how to write Golang and write it correctly, as well as a broad range of online text and video resources.

The website also features a blog where some of the most fantastic Go writing can be found.

You may also start with Golang and learn the basics. Then, you may install it on your computer by downloading it.

Please take advantage of Golang becoming more popular among programmers and start learning it right now.


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