What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Apr 28, 2021

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So you’ve decided to learn how to code. Where do you begin? There are tens of programming languages out there and more get developed with time. StackCache will take you through a few languages popular with beginners so you can build a good foundation on your coding journey.

This post will explore the world of programming, with a focus on starting as a beginner programmer. Learning to code can be incredibly difficult at first, as it is essentially based on learning an entirely new language from scratch. This post will give you an insight into the possibilities of coding, discussing the easiest language for beginners to learn, the uses of some of the more common languages, and the most popular programming languages out there. The article will cover Java, Python, Ruby and C++ since these languages are the ones that most often come up when discussing popular and useful programming languages.

What are some of the simplest languages?

By far the most straightforward languages to learn are Python, Java, and Ruby. While C++ is very popular, it is more difficult to pick up, owed mostly to its focus on detail and fine control of the code one writes.

Python is by far the easiest to learn out of these three, with most programmers recommending that beginners start with it. A popular Python framework, termed Django, also allows users to build websites. This is useful for beginners as it allows them to see how lines of written code can be translated into specific, structured visuals. It gives those learning a programming language for the first time an understanding of how their code is used and implemented in the wider world. Ruby and Java are also popular beginner languages, however, are more difficult to learn due to their increased level of complexity.

What are specific programming languages used for?

Programming languages are complex, and many are more tailored toward certain uses than others. For example, Python is thought of as the best language to learn if you want to get comfortable with the idea of programming. It is also used in many tech companies, such as Facebook and Google and is very useful for building websites. It is also incredibly widely used in academic and scientific fields, specifically in statistics and artificial intelligence.

C++ is used in 3D and gaming, as well as industrial applications which need to be developed with a strict eye to detail.

Java is used in the Android operating software, as well as in many other platforms and operating systems. This is due to the fact that Java is very easy to port onto platforms other than the one the code was written on.

Finally, many use Ruby, since this is a more ‘fun’ programming language, very well suited to small start-ups, personal projects and code which requires very quick development.

What are the most popular programming languages?

The most popular languages used today are Python, Java, C++ and Ruby. These are popular since their uses are the most widespread in the modern world. As discussed previously, these languages together make up most of the world’s technology and software, meaning that those competent in coding with these languages are able to integrate into many jobs and positions. Java, for example, is one of the most in-demand languages currently, with coding jobs focused on Java offering an average salary of over $100,000 a year. C++ is also very in demand, as is Ruby, but these languages are slightly more specialised in their use, so while they may be popular, any project using these languages should be tailored towards the unique capabilities of either C++ or Ruby. 


To conclude, the first programming language one should learn is Python, as this is both the easiest and the most common language that beginners learn. However, Ruby and Java are also good choices, since their use is so widespread. C++ is usually not learned by beginners but is a good choice for a programming language to learn further down the line.


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