How to Get a Job in the Gaming Industry

Feb 18, 2022

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Professionals that can create and produce new video games are needed in the video game business. Dedicated gamers can take advantage of this need by applying for various professions in the sector and putting their abilities to use.

Continue reading to learn about the most outstanding video game careers and firms that employ gamers. We’ll also provide you with some helpful advice on how to get started with a successful career in the video game business.

What Exactly Is a Gamer?

A gamer is someone who is fascinated by playing video games. Hardcore gamers vary from casual gamers in that they play for more extended periods and have a higher skill level. However, serious players’ in-depth understanding of games can occasionally convert into a profession in the business.

What Kinds of Jobs Are There for Gamers?

The video game industry is a multibillion-dollar sector that provides the opportunity to work on both the technical and artistic sides of game production. There are several options in the business, depending on the corporation and your inclinations.

Animator, video game designer, and artist are some of the most creative careers available. Software developer, quality assurance tester, market research analyst, and video game developer are examples of more technical professions.

What Are the Companies that Hire Gamers?

1. Epic Games 

It is an American company pioneer in the field of 3D engine development. Fortnite, as well as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, were created by Epic Games.

2. Nintendo of America 

It is a Japanese video game and card game business that creates specialized software and hardware. This firm makes video game systems, including Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda, among its most well-known titles.

3. Electronic Arts 

It is a company that creates and distributes video games. One of its companies, EA Sports, is in charge of the famous FIFA and Madden NFL gaming brands. Need for Speed and The Sims are two more popular series.

4. Sony

Since 1994, this Japanese business has manufactured five systems, the most notable being the PlayStation 2.

5. Lionbridge

Through its worldwide communications platform that uses machine intelligence, this US corporation provides game localization and translation technology services for large companies.

Top 10 Jobs with Highest Salary for Gamers

The tasks of these top 10 differ by their responsibilities, and if you’re a devoted player, you’ll probably find at least one vocation that interests you. Here are the top 10 jobs for gamers that have an average salary from $41,300 to $130,000:

1. Game Designer – $130,000

Video game designers create the stories, situations, and characters of a video game. They collaborate with designers and programmers to bring the game to life. One of a game designer’s primary objectives is to develop the aesthetic features of the game.

2. Quality Assurance Tester – $110,140

Before releasing a product to the public, quality assurance testers play games to uncover flaws. They detect issues and notify the development team of any bugs they find. Some of the faults found are glitches in the coding, gameplay inconsistencies, and visual defects

3. Game Developer – $101,644

Video game developers write the code powering video games in various programming languages. The code must be optimized for consoles, PCs, or mobile devices. Developers collaborate with the design team and use problem-solving abilities to bring concepts to life.

4. Programmer – $89,190

Programmers aid in the creation of a consistent gaming experience across consoles, cellphones, and other mobile devices. They ensure that the game’s objects interact correctly with one another and fix any flaws discovered by quality assurance testers.

5. Video Game Producer – $69,226

Producers serve as an intermediary between game developers and executives at companies. They monitor the business aspect of a video game launch. Producers are in charge of creating budgets, scheduling meetings, and ensuring that the game is published on time.

6. Game Artist – $69,194

Game artists create the game’s aesthetics, art, and visual style by employing numerous methods such as freehand sketching to complete the game’s characters, environment, and items. They may also create advertising materials, manuals, and packaging for the game.

7. Game Tester – $63,676

When playing the game, game testers must pay special attention to the details, looking for flaws and reporting them to the design and development team. They may also ensure that the game’s instructions and tutorials are clear and understandable.

8. Audio Engineer – $51,774

Sound effects, ambient noise, voiceovers, and background music are all created by audio engineers for video games. They’re in charge of making sure the game’s audio and visual components work together smoothly.

9. Game Animator – $51,259

Game animators design images and special effects in video games to bring people, landscapes, and objects to life. Their objective is to produce digitally realistic visuals with natural-looking dynamics.

10. Professional Gamer – $41,300

Professional video gamers compete for monetary rewards in tournaments. However, because this is generally a short-lived job, it’s vital to broaden your horizons and improve your technical and playing expertise.

Success Tips for Gamers

If you wish to work in the video game business doing anything relevant to your favorite interest, you should explore the suggestions below. If you get in tack with these suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to landing a job at a video game studio.

1. Be Inventive

In the video game business, creativity is essential. However, to handle challenges that may arise throughout the development cycle, you’ll need critical thinking abilities and an open mind.

2. Keep Yourself Up to Date

Keeping up with new console or gaming platform releases will keep you on the leading edge of the business and acquire experience with the latest technology.

Keep up with the newest industry trends so you can anticipate any adjustments. You will be better positioned to succeed by giving you a head start.

4. Networking

Connect with a gaming industry professional network. When looking for work, knowing individuals in the field is usually beneficial.

5. Continue to Learn

Never stop learning. Researching games and the underlying mechanisms underpinning them may help you enhance your game-playing and development abilities.

Job Prospects for Gamers

The video game business is constantly expanding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) believed that between 2020 and 2030, there will be a 4% increase in arts and design jobs. As a result, we can tell you that this is an industry in which you should not be afraid to participate.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t pursue one of the careers we discussed in this post if you’re interested in them. From game concept through game creation, there are many options to consider.

FAQs on the Top Jobs for Gamers

What is the most paid gaming job?

According to ZipRecruiter, game designers are the highest-paid employees in the gaming business, with annual compensation of $130,000. These individuals are in charge of the visual aspects of a new video game’s development.

Is gaming a suitable job option?

Yes, the gaming business has grown to be a very wealthy profession, so pursuing a career in this field if you have a strong interest in video games and want to study anything relevant, such as design or programming, is a fantastic alternative.

How do most gamers earn a living?

Gamers generate money by winning video gaming competitions, obtaining corporate or individual sponsorships, running live streams on various platforms, and producing on-demand videos. They may, of course, pursue one of the video game occupations listed above.

Is the gaming business fairly compensated?

Yes, as compared to other businesses, the gaming industry pays highly. For example, designers, quality assurance testers, and developers have the highest-paying professions in the sector. Their annual salary ranges from $101,000 to $130,000.


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