Full Stack Web Developer Average Salaries

Feb 20, 2022

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According to Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter, the average Full Stack Web Developer Salary in 2022 is estimated to be between $105,813 and $108,984 per year. Bonuses, stock options, and other forms of compensation are not included in these calculations.

There are, however, other aspects to consider. For example, most people in these labor reports have excellent work satisfaction and prospects for career advancement. In addition, Full-stack web developers’ yearly salaries tend to rise dramatically with time and expertise, while actual pay varies by area. Startups pay less than established businesses, but getting your foot in the door can be incredibly rewarding in the long term.

The salary projections are based on a thorough examination of data from Glassdoor and Indeed.

What Is the Starting Salary for a Full-stack Web Developer in Each City?

1. $67,953 in San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular choice for IT employees because of its pleasant temperature, good pay, and beautiful environment. Because the city is part of Silicon Valley, it is home to major corporations such as Google. In this location, full-stack developers can earn a fortune. Their average starting income is $67,953, but it may soon rise to six figures with certain corporations. Some even make $119,499 per year, far more than the city’s average for full-stack developers.

2. $63,495 in New York

Full-stack developers don’t have much of a wage ceiling in New York. The entry-level full-stack developer earns an average yearly income of $63,495. Some programmers make far more than the city’s average full stack developer salary of $111,659! As a result, the IT industry in New York City is as brisk as the city itself.

3. $62,897 in Seattle, Washington

Technology businesses in the Seattle region snatched up more space than the previous years. According to CBRE, the Seattle metropolitan became the top market in the United States for big office spaces leased by IT businesses in 2020. In Seattle, Washington, an entry-level full stack web developer makes an average of $62,897 per year while the average salary for full-stack developers is $110,607; however, this varies based on your expertise skills.

4. $61,540 in Washington, D.C

Washington, DC is a world-class metropolis with various resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to tackle the world’s problems innovatively. DC is the third most technologically advanced city in the United States, and it ranks among the top five for startup success. DC’s tech environment is one of the greatest and most inclusive. The average starting salary of a full-stack developer in Washington is $61,540, while $108,220 for all full-stack developers.

5. $61,264 in Los Angeles, California

In Los Angeles, California, entry-level full-stack developers earn an average of $61,264 a year. That’s an outstanding starting income for nearly any job. However, if you have some experience, you can make up to $107,735, the average annual salary for full-stack developers in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has a long history of technological studies and is now seeing plenty of recent advancements and an influx of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

6. $59,445 in Chicago

Chicago is one of the Midwest’s major cities, and it’s also one of the finest for IT professionals. In Chicago, the average salary for these programmers is $59,445, which is above average for almost any entry-level employment. However, if you remain at a company long enough, you can make $104,537 per year, the average compensation for full-stack developers in Chicago.

7. $58,456 in Denver, Colorado

Denver is establishing a robust tech environment, boosted by state and municipal resources that encourage entrepreneurship. It’s also in a state where the tech sector is overgrowing. Colorado gained over 7,000 tech professionals in 2018. Denver’s current average salary for an entry-level full-stack developer is $58,456. Some full-stack developers earn $102,798 a year, much more than the city’s average.

8. $58,362 in Atlanta, Georgia

An entry-level full-stack web developer in Atlanta, GA, earns an average of $58,362 per year. Meanwhile, the standard for all full-stack developers is $102,633, depending on qualifications such as education, experience, certifications, and other skills.

9. $58,304 in Dallas

Entry-level full stack developers in the Dallas/Fort Worth region make an average of $58,304 per year. For practically any employment, that’s a great beginning wage. However, with some experience under your credit, you can earn up to $102,531, the average yearly pay for full-stack developers in Dallas.

10. $57,935 in Portland, Oregon

In Portland, Oregon, the average yearly salary for an entry-level full-stack developer is $57,935. Indeed, with more experience and time with a startup, you can make $101,881 per year. Portland is ideal for a tech opportunity because of the excellent quality of life, many creative individuals, and latent desire for new startup prospects.

11. $56,292 in Austin

Austin, Texas, is swiftly becoming one of the country’s most popular destinations for IT workers. In Austin, the average annual income for an entry-level full-stack developer is $56,292. Of fact, with more expertise and time with a company, you can earn $100,000 per year, significantly more than the average full stack developer pay in Austin.

Why Should You Pursue a Career as a Full-stack Web Developer?

Full-stack developers have a high level of job satisfaction and are well compensated for their coding efforts.

Full-stack web developers have a wide range of talents that can enable a programmer to expand into other coding areas. Furthermore, these programmers always start with a high salary, which only rises with experience. A full-stack developer income can approach six figures in any part of the country; therefore, it won’t take long to get a raise in this job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Become a Full-Stack Web Developer

You can become a web developer in one of three methods. Earning a computer science degree, attending a rigorous short-term Bootcamp, or studying web development through self-study are all options for becoming a web developer.

What is the role of a full-stack web developer?

A full-stack web developer combines the front and back ends of the web development process. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are only a few of their software talents. In addition, they should program in Python, Ruby, Java, and PHP, among other languages.

How long to become a full-stack web developer?

A coding Bootcamp can teach you the required software skills in 12 to 24 weeks. These intense training programs are meant to help inexperienced candidates prepare for a job in the computer sector.

Is full-stack web development a fantastic career?

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), web developers are expected to rise by 13% between 2018 and 2028. Full-stack engineers also earn significant yearly incomes, projected to increase with expertise and time.


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