Facebook Software Engineering Compensation Guide

May 13, 2022

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The goal of Facebook is to bring people from all around the globe closer together. They’ve revolutionized how we communicate with products such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. We’ve all used at least one of these sites, whether to share with friends, find events, or review our favorite restaurant.

When deciding which company to work for, compensation is a critical factor. Even if you work for a large tech business, your salary is still significant. It leaves us with one central question: how much should a Facebook developer earn?

This guide will look at how much software engineers make at Facebook, their perks, and how compensation varies by wage level.

Salary Levels of Facebook Engineers

When engineers join Facebook, they are given a level. This level corresponds to their company’s seniority; the more significant the group, the more responsibility you have. A similar strategy is used by most large companies, particularly in the technology sector. Levels guarantee that everyone is compensated fairly for their contribution to the company.

You’ll need to grasp these various income levels before figuring out how much you may make as a software engineer at Facebook. Facebook has six software engineer job titles:

  • Software Engineer Level I (E3)
  • Software Engineer Level II (E4)
  • Software Engineer Level III (E5)
  • Software Engineer Level IV (E6)
  • Software Engineer Level V (E7)
  • Software Engineer Level VI (E8)

Unlike Google, Facebook refers to every engineer as a “software engineer.” You cannot get titles such as “Fellow” or “Senior Engineer.”

Engineer salaries start at E3, according to a former engineering manager for Facebook Photos and Videos. A different hierarchy exists for management roles.

Several software engineers work at the bottom of the corporate ladder. It is because top-level positions are scarce and need a more specialized set of abilities. To obtain a job further up on the Facebook wage band structure, you’ll often require substantial industry expertise – either at Facebook or at another digital company.

How Much Do Software Engineers at Facebook Make?

As a Facebook software engineer, your compensation and benefits are determined by your experience and allocated level. Entry-level engineers will earn an E3, while more senior engineers will be granted higher levels. As you advance in your career, you’ll go through these stages.

To put it mildly, Facebook pays its workers decently. Even lower-level roles inside the company pay well, similar to those at Microsoft. You’ll be eligible to even more significant compensation at the higher levels. Here are the typical annual wages at Facebook, organized by group:

Level Base Yearly Stock  Bonus Total
E8 $298,000 $738,000 $238,000 $1,270,000
E7 $265,000 $502,000 $82,000 $849,000
E6 $224,000 $306,000 $47,000 $577,000
E5 $190,000 $142,000 $32,000 $365,000
E4 $152,000 $72,000 $18,000 $243,000
E3 $117,000 $41,000 $25,000 $184,000

Source: Levels.fyi

This research reveals that all levels of Facebook income packages are attractive. It’s worth remembering that these figures solely apply to software engineer jobs. Managers and employees in other departments are compensated differently.

The compensation provided to Facebook software engineers is referred to as “base” in this table. Engineers get bonuses depending on their contributions to the company; thus, the amount can vary. Working at Facebook will also earn you stock options.

Stock Options For Facebook Software Engineers

Every Facebook software engineer, is given restricted stock units (RSUs) regardless of their position. You will be given company compensation in return for your time and effort.

Employees at most prominent technology companies, including Google and Microsoft, are given RSUs. RSUs are a great approach to getting workers engaged in the company’s long-term success. You’ll earn more as the company grows in value.

RSUs at Facebook have a four-year vesting schedule, which means that 25% of your stock vests every year. It implies you won’t be able to buy shares until you’ve worked for the company for at least a year. Before you may sell your stock, it must first vest.

Working at Facebook Has Its Benefits

Facebook workers are not just compensated with salaries, bonuses, and compensation options. As a Facebook software engineer, you’ll be entitled to various benefits.

Facebook is recognized for having a few unique benefits that you won’t find at other large technology companies. Working at Facebook, for example, grants you access to an on-site barbershop and spa. You’ll also have access to a doctor, optometrist, and dentist at the company. Facebook’s main headquarters also offers a rooftop nature area where employees can work.

Let’s go through the other usual perks of a Facebook software engineer.

Health and Insurance Benefits

Benefit Description
Health Insurance Employees are covered in total, and family insurance is highly subsidized.
Maternity Leave Four Months
Time  Off Unlimited
Leave of Absence Four months
Paid Leave Every year, you are entitled to 21 days of paid vacation. Employees are granted 30 days off every five years to recharge.
Free Meals Breakfast, lunch, and supper are all complimentary five days a week. Snacks are also offered for free.
Gym and Wellness Reimbursement $720 per year
Dental and Vision Insurance
On-Site Mother’s Room

Financial, Housing, and Other Perks

Benefit Description
Family Sick Leave Up to six weeks.
Child Care Benefits Child care expenses up to $3,000 are covered.
Bonus for Newborns A parent receives a $4,000 incentive for each child born.
401(k) 50% match on the first 7% of basic salary.
Housing Stipend
Company Shutte
On-Site Laundry
Mega Backdoor Roth IRA
Company Phone
Egg Freezing

Facebook vs. Other Tech Companies

It isn’t easy to assess a compensation package on its own. It’s critical to understand what other companies pay so you can decide whether or not to accept your compensation offer.

The compensation earned by Facebook engineers, Amazon engineers, and Google engineers is compared in the table below:

Salary Comparison Level Facebook Comparison Company
Facebook vs Google  Entry-level $184,000 $181,000
Facebook vs Google  Second level $243,000 $258,000
Facebook vs Google  Third level $365,000 $346,000
Facebook vs Amazon  Entry-level $184,000 $151,000
Facebook vs Amazon  Second level $243,000 $207,000
Facebook vs Amazon  Third level $365,000 $305,000


Facebook envisions a society where individuals can effortlessly communicate with friends and family. Working as a software engineer at Facebook will provide you with more than just the ability to work toward a meaningful objective.

The average income for Facebook software engineers is $184,000 per year. You’ll also get a 401(k), free snacks and meals, and other perks. Facebook is a terrific place to start if you want to work for a tech company.


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