5 Best Places to Learn Basic HTML Online in 2021

Jun 12, 2021

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For someone who aspires to be a computer programmer, the starting point is to learn HTML. In essence, learning HTML helps prove that you have diverse skills, even if you are not ready to embark on a journey in tech.

As HTML is the language mainly used to build webs, it has become the most used programming language worldwide. With the revolution of HTML, there is HTML5, which has made building the web faster and more advanced.

Thus, if you want to pursue your career in the world of tech, here are the five places to learn  HTML.



Once you enter “Free HTML courses” on your browser, you will find some popular sites that organize HTML tutorials. From the list of these sites is Codecademy, which teaches the basics of HTML in brief. The platform makes HTML learning encouraging and fun by splitting the screen into two sides. With this, you have one side to learn and demonstrate your skill and also see the effect of your coding on an HTML file on the other side.


Though Codecademy is the best starting point to learn HTML, unfortunately, it doesn’t grant certification at the end of your learning.  It deals with little advanced and real-world projects. However, Codecademy is only a platform where you can learn the theories and little concepts of HTML.

General Assembly Dash


General Assembly Dash is one of the most popular sites that offer free HTML concepts for beginners. Unlike Codecademy, Dash aims at building real-world applications with HTML. With Dash, you are going to create webs with the actual applications instead of exploring the concepts. The platform provides you certification once you’ve completed your projects.


General Assembly Dash offers free HTML projects, which are mainly online paid courses for trials. The site is not accredited. Thus, if you want to get federal aid to learn HTML courses at full scale, you need to sign up for another platform.



On Lynda.com, you can find thousands of courses on a wide variety of topics, including HTML. Lynda.com offers some free HTML video tutorials to start learning. Once you sign up for a monthly membership on Lynda.com, you have the opportunity to access all the video tutorials it offers. It also has premium membership you can join to access project files. Lynda is one of the most diverse and low-risk options to choose from among the paid sites to learn HTML. It also has a mobile app where you can watch all the video tutorials anywhere in the world.


Lynda has levels of membership that you must join before you can access some special courses for learning HTML. The platform has higher payment plans to download project files and other advanced concepts. Unlike GA Dash and Codecademy, any project you complete on Lynda is not evaluated by a system. If you need further assistance or additional input to enhance your learning, you will have to join a coding community.

Team Treehouse


Team Treehouse offers paid video tutorials where you can access all the materials you need to demonstrate your skills. Unlike Lynda, Team Treehouse conducts an online workspace, interactive quizzes, and more web development-related concepts. It also set up an environment for candidates to ask questions in any area they seem not to understand or need enlightenments.


Team Treehouse doesn’t offer certification after learning besides the experience you’ve gained in the process. Sometimes, the quizzes it conducts might be too tough to complete, which won’t be encouraging for those with abstract knowledge of HTML. In addition, you will have to do extra footwork if you want to learn advanced concepts.



Like Codecademy, W3Schools is an open book that offers all tutorials for free once you sign up. But you will have to pay about $95 if you need a certification to prove your HTML skills. The platform also has some interactive forums. New chapters are added continuously to keep up with the daily-changing world of web development.


The tutorials that W3Schools conducts are mainly for beginners. Most programmers in the web development community recommend W3 users to utilize other resources if they need advanced content to improve their education.

Finally, HTML has many applications, and learning it shouldn’t be fearsome or expensive. With the five platforms discussed above, you will gain the basic knowledge of HTML needed to proceed to advanced projects and tutorials.


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