13 Highest Paid Technology Careers

Jul 22, 2021

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The advent of technology has led to a sharp rise in the demand for careers related to computers and technology. Not only are these jobs in demand, but they are also richly paid as well.

Why is Working in the Technology Sector a Good Choice?

Computers and technology have been the most evolving and happening fields when it comes to providing job opportunities along with good salaries over the last few years. In current times, no other industry can provide you with the same set of opportunities coupled with varied job descriptions that you can have in the technology sector. Moreover, with digitizations happening at such a rapid pace, technology has been the need of almost every sector ranging from agriculture to military leading to the creation of new job opportunities.

Entry-Level Technology Jobs

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is required to write codes in different languages such as C, C++, and Java for different computer and software applications. A bachelor’s degree in computers is usually sufficient to find an entry-level job in this capacity.

Web developer

One of the most sought-after jobs nowadays in the technology sector, a web developer is responsible for the design and creation of websites and web pages. Its demand is expected to grow further due to increased use of the internet for personal as well professional purposes. Entry-level education or this post is an associate degree through a bachelor’s degree can give a better start.

Computer Support Specialist

A computer support specialist helps and advises on networks and systems. Troubleshooting or understanding the users’ demands are also something that a computer support specialist may be asked to look into. Computer design firms and educational institutions are usually the ones who look out most for such computer support specialists. An associate degree is usually sufficient to get through this job.

Tech Careers that draw a decent salary

Computer & Information Systems Manager

This is a job that requires skills as well as experience to create systematic plans in order to fulfill information technology goals. The creation of a better network and software system in accordance with the needs of the team is another responsibility of a Computer and Information Systems Manager. Despite the experience required, the entry-level education needed for this job is a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Computer & Information Research Scientist

A Computer & Information Research Scientist uses innovation and skills to create new methods to use computer technology efficiently. This often leads to new technologies for medical, scientific as well as business fields, although most of the Computer & Information Research Scientists are hired by the engineering and the information industries.

Computer Hardware Engineer

The physical computer components are dealt with by a computer hardware engineer. These include circuit boards, routers, processors, and memory chips. A computer hardware engineer may also be required to develop new hardware systems that are more efficient in accordance with the evolving trends of the industry.

Software Systems Developer

The research and creation of new software systems are managed by a Software Systems developer. This job requires skills that are a blend of engineering and mathematical analytics coupled with basic principles of computer science. It is a high-paying job sought after by important sectors such as scientific, military, industrial, and medical fields.

Computer Network Architect

The design and building of data communication networks is the job of a computer network architect. They are responsible to ensure communication and connection between two offices located in the same or different cities using LANs – Local Area Networks to WANs – Wide Area Networks. Security systems up-gradation is another job requirement for computer network architects to prevent data breaches during transmission.

Software Applications Developer

Software application developers are actually skilled and experienced software developers whose job is to create applications for businesses according to their needs. Developing small applications for smartphones is usually where such careers start.

Information Security Analyst

The constant use of the internet makes computer systems prone to cyber thefts and attacks. An information security specialist is a specific job to ensure the complete security of the computer network of an organization. This includes planning security measures, monitoring cyber threats and thefts, and implementing security protocols such as firewalls to secure the data and networks of the organization.

Database Administrator

A database administrator is required to plan and execute the storage of the data of an organization. In fact, not just storage, he/she is also responsible for gathering, organizing, and processing the data. Such jobs usually involve the management of customer and financial records.

Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst is responsible for improving efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the current computer system of an organization using their experience and IT knowledge. Implementation of new technologies post consultation with the management is also a common job description for a computer systems analyst.

Network & Computer System Administrators

A network of computers might not be the requirement of all organizations in order to achieve their operations and business goals. Here comes the job of a network and computer system administrator who is responsible for not only setting up but maintaining these networks. Installation of network hardware, maintenance of system security, collection of data, and analyzing the same to evaluate the systems are the major job requirements of this role.

For most of the technology jobs, the entry-level education is a Bachelor’s degree. However, specialization in networking, database management, and security applications can help you get a specialized job that has better job prospects and of course better pay!


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