Useful Skills for Every Tech Workers

The digital revolution has completely changed the structure of the labor market in recent years. For example, the professional skills required by companies today have nothing to do with the knowledge demanded a decade ago. In this case, ICT (Information and Communications Technology) skills got positioned on the podium as the most sought-after. But what does it mean to spend the day in ICT?

To start, find out which programming languages are trending in the community of tech. It is also helpful to find out about the certifications offered by entities such as Microsoft. Are you looking for a job? Are you interested in technology? Do you want to know what skills earn you points in a selection process? Here are the skills and knowledge most sought after by companies today.

Web Programming

Looking at the ever-rising world of tech today, the demand for programming skills has increased radically. Web developers are one of the profiles highly needed by most companies. In this sense, the specific ICT skills that are in high demand are:

  • Java Developers
  • Database Developers
  • Back-end and Front-end IT Developers

But the most demanded skills are the Java language developers. Also, another web programming language ​​that is competing strongly, which you can check out, is Python. Python is increasingly in demand by companies worldwide since it’s a programming language used by leading companies such as Google or NASA.

If you need to expand your knowledge in web programming, access the online platforms that offer free courses related to programming like freeCodeCamp, LINUX, Udemy, edX, Coursera, Codecademy, and more.

Digital Marketing and Community Management

The profiles of professional digital marketers, community managers, and social media managers are in high demand in companies of all sectors. However, training to develop these digital skills will allow you practically access any firm of your interest.

With the qualifications, it is valued that the candidates are familiar with the terminology and current tools of digital marketing such as:

  • Digital analytics through systems such as Google Analytics
  • Managing online campaigns with knowledge of SEO 
  • SEM, the management of online branding strategies based on the assigned budget

Concerning Social Media, the most demanded ICT skills for job roles are: professionally management of tools to program, monitor, and measure results such as Buffer, TweetDeck, or Hootsuite. Also, the community must have an excellent level of writing and organizational skills since it deals with simultaneous projects. You can access some online marketing courses for SMEs (SME, SEO, and PPC) and community management for companies to expand your knowledge.


Millions of people buy and perform most of their business transactions online. Many have become used to online buying and trading. These consumer trends not only affect lifestyle habits but also hiring in the labor market. The professional profiles linked to e-commerce are being highly sought after, such as:

  • e-commerce manager 
  • Digital analyst
  • Logistics manager
  • Business Intelligence specialist 
  • Also, the ICT tools most used by these professionals include:
  • Magento or WooCommerce
  • SEM
  • Email Marketing campaigns with MailChimp
  • Logistics software
  • Supply Chain tools (such as opensource OpenBoxes and Odoo)


Computer security is becoming a growing concern for companies, entities, and organizations, both in the public and private sectors. In this field, the culture of cybersecurity is being implemented little by little in companies. However, the demand for experts that are capable of combating the theft of data, phishing, cyberattacks, ransomware is increasing. If you want to improve your knowledge of ICT Security and Auditing, you can check out online platforms that offer ICT Security and Auditing courses.

Mobile App Development on Android

How many apps have you got on your smartphone? It is possible that many of the actions you perform daily with your mobile go through an application: Access your bank, order food at home, check social networks, and more. Well, there are about four million apps available on Google Playstore currently, and it continues to be a booming market. You can also find free online courses on mobile app development online to get you started.

Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT, and Blockchain

Big data, blockchain, robotics, and machine learning are the most demanded IT profiles in the tech world today. Some of these positions did not even exist a few years ago. But with the increase in demand for these skills, they will have more than considerable weight in the future.

Having professional skills in these areas helps you to generate business value for companies through technology. In this sense, analysts of large amounts of data through Big Data include:

  • Big Data architects 
  • Developers specialized in Blockchain technologies 
  • M2M telecommunications specialists 
  • IoT solutions architects (or NLP)
  • Deep Learning engineers


Today, a profile highly demanded by companies is that of an expert in SEO and SEM. An SEO expert shapes the strategies in programming, web design, and use of important keywords for the business to position itself in a relevant way in search engines. An SEM expert develops paid digital marketing campaigns in the main search engines (such as Google Search).

Knowing how to manage SEO and SEM is essential to optimize investments in online marketing for companies. Applying proper SEO and SEM strategies helps increase a company’s visibility in search engines and considerably increase sales.

Ultimately, all companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate, are (more or less) advanced in their digital transformation process. Today, businesses need to expand their reach in the tech world, and professionals with digital skills are needed to respond to these needs. However, if you want to be a good fit for this, you must have ICT skills.


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