How to Get a Job at Instacart

Getting a job at a top company can be challenging, but you’ll have all the details you need with this guide. There are several Instacart jobs to pick from, whether you want to be a full-service shopper, a web designer, or a software engineer.

Instacart provides a broad range of options, from part-time cash jobs to full-time jobs with perks. So, how do you acquire an Instacart job? Find tips, methods, and answers to frequently asked questions on how to apply to Instacart and how to master the Instacart application process so you can start working for the company. 


Instacart is a grocery pick-up and delivery service started by Brandon Leonardo, Max Mullen, and Apoorva Mehta. The American company is well-known for its excellent service in both the United States and Canada. It works with local merchants to provide clients with fresh food and other modest necessities.

By delivering a vital grocery delivery service to busy people, the online grocery company developed from a coding program on Mehta’s PC in 2012 to one of the top food delivery applications in the US and Canada. Both full-time and part-time staff fills orders. Instacart is expected to be worth $39 billion by 2021.

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Instacart?

Because of the high competition level in the employment market, getting a position at Instacart could be difficult. Furthermore, the nation’s biggest grocery delivery company, Instacart, draws many conventional workers. As a result, those who wish to work as full-service shoppers, engineers, or designers must be experts in their disciplines.

How to Apply for an Instacart Job

Here’s the process on how you can apply for an Instacart job:

Job Application

Before applying for a software engineer or designer role, you must submit your application materials. These can be offered online or in-person at the company.

Remote Portfolio Evaluation

After applying, a candidate will meet with a senior designer or developer for an online portfolio review. This will allow the possible recruit to showcase their most significant work.


After completing the second phase, the applicant will be invited to a face-to-face interview. Then, they will present projects to a broad panel of senior workers, recruiting managers, and product managers.

Background Check

Instacart requires full-time and part-time workers to have high integrity as a grocery delivery business. Consequently, right before the recruiting process is completed, they do a background check, and the panel determines if a person has the legal authority to take the employment offer.

Job Offer

After the background check has been completed and authorized, the recruiting manager will provide a formal employment offer, including the hourly salary. The candidate could then determine if the terms and circumstances are a good match.

Instacart Application Process 

You can apply to become a full-service Instacart shopper or an in-store shopper via the app. Begin by giving basic personal information, demonstrating that you have regular access to a car, and then arrange for an in-person interview.

Interview Questions for Instacart

  • Explain your background in detail. This inquiry inquires about your work history and necessary experience for the role. When addressing this, the panel should be captivated by the beginning.
  • What kind of workplace would you prefer? This might be challenging, but traditional workers may address it with appropriate knowledge of its policies. “A work atmosphere that encourages work-life balance” is a proper answer.
  • What did you do last year to expand your knowledge? This question focuses on the desire of the prospective employee to improve their skills and master the field in which they specialize. Depending on their profession, they can claim to have attended a coding boot camp or a data science conference. Create Reports.
  • What is your expected salary? Most applicants struggle with this question since they don’t want to offend the panel with excessive quantities. To appropriately answer this question in the most informed manner, candidates should verify the pay range for the job on Glassdoor, PayScale, or BLS before sitting down for an interview.
  • Why does your resume have a gap? Applicants should illustrate how they opted to commit 100% of their time to improve their knowledge or learn vital web design skills or product management while responding to this question.

How Is It Working at Instacart?

Before becoming a customer service representative or data analyst at any company, many factors to consider; whether you want to know if you’ll love working at Instacart, consider the following characteristics.

Career Growth

Potential hirees should assess if their prospective company supports their professional growth and whether they are looking for junior or intermediate-level positions. Instacart gives several options for individuals to succeed in their professions. Workers may, for example, apply for senior jobs in the company and gain promotions.


How much does Instacart pay its workers? Regardless of expertise, an employee is entitled to fair remuneration. Personal shoppers make $31,496 a year, while software engineers make $162,076.

Working Environment

Instacart has established a terrific working environment by supporting its workers’ well-being. This company promotes a positive working environment by giving resources, time off, monthly ice cream gatherings, free meals, company social events, and other benefits to keep its employees and independent contractors engaged.

Instacart Advantages

  • Flexible working hours. While Instacart has high expectations of its employees, it also offers flexible work hours, with most company positions being remote or hybrid. This frees up time for typical workers to pursue hobbies, part-time occupations, or other duties like parenthood.
  • Health coverage. Health is essential for success at work and at home. Instacart offers health insurance to its traditional workers, ensuring that they get excellent treatment services to keep them happy and healthy.
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan. While ensuring the safety of its customers, Instacart is equally concerned about the future of its software workers. Consequently, the company provides a competitive 401(k) plan to assist workers in planning for their future.
  • Perks. Instacart provides advantages, including complimentary beverages, a relaxed dress code, and social events to encourage a positive work atmosphere. Employees can even use Instacart to get some of these incentives.
  • Paid time off. Employees at Instacart have access to parental leave, sick leave, adoption leave, and vacation time, allowing them to be financially secure no matter how much time they need away.

Instacart Job Titles and Descriptions

Instacart provides various job options for people from all backgrounds and occupations. For example, job seekers can work as shoppers, economists, or analysts to aid in the creation of excellent client experiences. Here are some of Instacart’s current employment vacancies.

Senior Data Software Engineer

  • Salary: $173,674
  • Benefits: Insurance for disability, health insurance, and paid sick leave
  • Experience: Data science or data engineering expertise of at least five years
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, or a closely related field

This leadership position is located in San Francisco and needs extensive cooperation. These engineers will collaborate closely with analysts, infrastructure specialists, and data scientist teams to achieve optimal efficiency. They’ll also be in charge of a team that oversees initiatives involving company stakeholders.

A bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement. In addition, communication and programming skills in Python, an excellent understanding of SQL, and five or more years of expertise in data engineering or data science are all required for this position.

Senior Finance Data Product Manager

  • Salary: $200,640
  • Benefits: Vacation pay, scheduling flexibility, and health insurance
  • Experience: Experience in developing SaaS software
  • Education: Not specified

Instacart’s senior product managers will collaborate with the company’s financial solutions and systems team to resolve complex data challenges, conduct data analysis, ensure data integrity, and evaluate financial reports.

Although this job is comparable to that of other product managers, it requires data integration at every level. The primary responsibilities of this post include designing solutions based on data-driven insights and modeling, testing, measuring, and analyzing data products and processes.

Senior Data Scientist

  • Salary: $193,454
  • Benefits: 401(k), health insurance, work schedule flexibility, and other benefits
  • Experience: 4+ years of data mining, predictive analytics, or statistical data modeling experience
  • Education: A master’s or doctoral degree in computer science, statistics, physics, or a related field is required.

This title is in charge of developing large-scale solutions. Employees should support data-driven choices as senior data scientists. Shoppers, advertisements, customer growth, and merchants are just a few areas that the new hires will highlight.

The ability to develop in R and Python, a/b testing expertise, and data-driven analytics are just a few criteria. Applicants with a Ph.D. or Master’s Degree in Machine Learning, Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, or a related discipline are more likely to get hired.

Machine Learning Infrastructure Software Engineer 

  • Salary: $157,549

  • Benefits: Holiday pay, 401(k) plan, and health insurance
  • Experience: 5+ years of building machine learning infrastructure and 3+ years of expertise in machine learning
  • Education: Statistics, math, or computer science background

The ML software engineers at Instacart are responsible for building solutions that enable cutting-edge machine learning technology. According to the company, these software experts are expected to help other engineers and machine learning teams make the most of ML solutions.

All applicants for Instacart must have a background in computer science, statistics, mathematics, or a related field. Applicants must also have C++ or Python programming skills, Linux operating system knowledge, and AWS familiarity.

Associate Product Manager

  • Salary: $150.135
  • Benefits: Holiday pay, a flexible schedule, a 401(k) retirement plan, and paid sick leave.
  • Experience: Experience in jobs including strategy, business, and software
  • Education: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution or college is required.

Assisting junior employees in launching their careers, acquiring practical experience, and resolving customer concerns, the associate product manager will help teams thrive in their tasks.

Creating and reinventing ideas, persuading team members to pool resources, and assisting the company in exceeding expectations are only a few significant tasks. The APM program runs from early August through early November, and applicants should apply as soon as possible to ensure that they are hired.

Oracle Financials Cloud Business Systems Analyst

  • Salary: $145,123

  • Benefits: Flexible working hours, 401(k), health insurance, and paid vacation
  • Experience: Work experience in business systems analysis of at least five years
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree 

The business systems analysts at Instacart have extensive expertise with non-Oracle financial systems, financial solution development, and accounting standards. Although this is a junior-level position, it demands extensive industry expertise, outstanding writing skills, practical communication skills, and a desire to assist others.

Finance Data Senior Analytics Engineer

  • Salary: $213,264
  • Benefits: 401(k) plans, life insurance, vision insurance, flexible hours
  • Experience: 5 years in data engineering, data science, or a related field.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree 

These analytics engineers work directly with the financial team to produce data solutions by combining robust, efficient, and adaptable data models. Other responsibilities include empowering corporate leaders, data scientists, and data analysts, creating attractive data visualizations, and deploying flexible data solutions.

This senior role requires many years of data analysis expertise, extensive SQL skills, excellent coordination and communication skills, energy, and a positive mindset. GitHub, Jira, Snowflake, and other visualization tools are also required.

Staff iOS Engineer

  • Salary: $138,659
  • Benefits:
  • Benefits: Disability insurance, health insurance, 401(k), paid vacation
  • Experience: 10 years or more of experience in a comparable field
  • Education: Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent

Numerous online commerce enterprises have benefited from iOS. The chosen candidate will work with other team members to develop cutting-edge apps that provide maximum order visibility. These engineers will also train personnel on its capabilities and features and lead and coach cross-team collaborators.

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, extensive prior job experience in a relevant industry, and automated testing competence to be considered for this post. Advanced algorithm and programming skills are also needed.

Senior Client Platform Engineer

  • Salary: $193,925
  • Benefits: Holiday pay, benefits, and health insurance
  • Experience: 5 years or more of experience automating systems, five years or more of expertise with enterprise technologies, five years or more of experience with large-scale applications, three years or more of Azure Active Directory experience
  • Education: Not specified

For scripting and endpoint administration, these engineers need various skills. Strong technical knowledge and experience with IT endpoint systems are required.

This position is responsible for device automation and management, directing the design and maintenance of device management systems, and ensuring system availability. In addition, applicants will work with IT employees and suppliers to resolve infrastructure and system problems.

Application Support Analyst 

  • Salary: $74,174
  • Benefits: Vision, dental, health, and life insurance
  • Experience: 4+ years of technical support experience, SQL expertise, and Jira service experience
  • Education: Technical diploma or bachelor’s degree

Instacart’s application support analysts work with the support system operations and engineering departments to handle retailer-related difficulties. This position requires advanced technical ability as well as relationship-building abilities.

Applicants should have extensive experience in technical support jobs, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, SQL proficiency, and be interested, active individuals who like solving issues.

What Are the Requirements for an Instacart Job? 

To work with Instacart, you must meet the job’s essential criteria. Then, during the interview, show off your excellent skills and knowledge. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to get the job and start a prosperous career.

Instacart FAQ: How to Get a Job 

What is the Instacart interview process?

Instacart’s interview procedure may include inputting personal information on the shopper app, a screening, a brief background check, or uploading a résumé and sitting for a formal, face-to-face interview, depending on the position.

Is there a drug test for Instacart?

For its full-service shopping personnel, Instacart does not conduct drug testing. Instead, verifying competency relies on the shopper app’s delivery and order acceptance rate. In addition, Instacart does not conduct pre-screening or regular drug testing for other positions inside the company, but it does require its workers to follow state and local regulations.

Is there an age limit for working at Instacart?

Depending on the position, Instacart has minimal prerequisites. For example, full-service consumers must be at least 18 years old.

To work as a delivery driver, do I need insurance documents?

To work as a food delivery company driver for Instacart, an applicant will require a conventional driver’s license and a personal automobile with insurance.


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