7 Best Online Platforms to Boost Your Tech Skills Up in 2021

In the always-evolving world of tech we live today, the demand for skills to beat the progressive revolution in tech is highly increasing. For this reason, having the skills that meet the requirements when job searching for a tech role or trying to advance in a current tech role is crucial.

Are you looking for the best places to level up your digital skills? Here are the seven best online platforms you can check out.


Among many educational online platforms is Lynda.com, with a vast library of over 3,000 courses. Lynda.com is one of its kind. Lynda’s library has many subjects for web design, interview preparations, and business startups.

To keep up with new and advanced tech concepts, Lynda adds new courses weekly. Lynda aims at improving the skills of candidates by providing up-to-date online courses. With this, it is sure to become a functional platform for a long time. Though it’s impossible to access highly profitable courses on Lynda for free, they are more affordable than you can imagine.

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is an online learning platform that focuses on web development-related courses. You can also find some subjects that are design and business-related. Unlike Lynda, the online courses available on Treehouse are few. But the concepts it offers are well detailed in web development. Instead of exploring the basics of web development, you have Treehouse to gain and actualize your skills. The platform also has forums for interactive quizzes and online challenges to improve your skills.


Unlike Lynda and Team Treehouse, Udacity is more like a college course where you get nano degrees. While some of their online courses are free, some require payments to access. Udacity is unique in that you can never find any of the online tutorials it offers elsewhere. Some of which are:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Knowledge-Based AI: Cognitive Systems
  • Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce
  • Other advanced computer intelligence courses

More so, Udacity has course materials you can access. But the complete course experience with personal coaching and feedback you are going to get is open for a fee. On Udacity, the prices vary according to the course you join.


Coursera is very different from other sites because it offers free online courses. If you need a certification, you will have to pay for it, depending on your choice. Coursera is concerned with educational tutorials where you meet with real university professors to teach you fundamentals. Like college courses, Coursera topics vary. The platform mainly focuses on computer science-related courses.


Codecademy is also a free online platform to improve your skills. It sets up forums for interactive lessons, so you don’t have to follow video tutorials like other online platforms.

Codecademy provides course materials on web design and development. The platform also guides you through the learning process by asking you to complete some projects practically, like:

  • Build a website
  • Build an interactive website

MIT OpenCourseWare

Like Codecademy, MIT OpenCourseWare offers free online courses. Many users have full access to the online courses on this platform. It conducts real-world learning by connecting candidates with university professors. MIT tutorials are almost like being in classrooms, but it doesn’t create an environment to ask questions.

Though MIT OpenCourseWare focuses on tech-related courses, it also offers some online courses on health and medicine, business, and even mathematics.

One Month

Unlike other online platforms, One Month doesn’t offer any of its courses for free. One Month offers each online course for $99. Their principle is mainly based on completing all online courses in a month to proceed.

In addition, you will have access to course materials for a year. So you can always revisit the site if you need some boosts or reminders. One Month focuses on web development courses and other tech topics like Ruby on Rails, CSS, IOS, and HTML.

There are many free online platforms where you can advance your world of digital skills today. That means you have many opportunities to boost up your skills in your chosen career of programming. To avoid unnecessary excuses, you can sign up for one or a combination of the best online platforms listed above. You can also enroll in all the features if you are ambitious in learning more. Hopefully, they will assist in carrying out some strategies in rocketing your career to the next level.


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