10 Useful Skills for Every Tech Worker

Aug 8, 2021

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Are you just starting your career in tech, or do you not even know where to start? Maybe you have made up your mind on what to tackle next in terms of a new coding language to learn. As technical skills are highly sought after in many businesses today, we are here with a list of current highly demanded technical skills.

We will provide you with the information and a short history of each technology. You can also check some training sources linked to each skill to expand upon what we share here.

Unix Operating System

Unix is a great operating system that is the backbone of the Internet. Unix operating system is used to carry out multitasking, text-based processes, a host of services, network protocol, and more. With Unix, you can easily understand the command-line. Unix is the best operating system recommended for anyone that wants to become a developer. The reason is that Unix-based systems are the basis for consumer computing today. Thus, Unix is a crucial skill for a career in Information Technology.

Linux Operating System

Just like Unix, Linux is an operating system that is mainly used in many large companies. Linux is an operating system designed to operate flawlessly in supercomputers that have large numbers of processors. Linux is well-known as the best and widely-used open-source operating system. If you want to become a System Administrator, Linux is an excellent career skill you can get familiar with.

Java Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented language that was developed by Sun Microsystems. It is versatile for APIs, used for networking, databases, XML parsing, I/O, and more. Java programmers are everywhere, and many companies prefer to pick Java for new developers over other programming languages. Java is a trendy programming language, and it is very easy for beginners to learn. Therefore, you can learn Java programming language if you want to become a Java developer or web developer.

C++ Programming Language

C++ is a high-performance programming language that is mainly used in building software for commercial applications. C++ can be used to handle large amounts of data. Even with the introduction of some popular object-oriented languages (OOP) like JavaScript, Python, and Java, C++ dominates a wide area of the tech world with its performance. That is why C++ is in high demand in the market. Learn C++ programming language and become a Software Engineer.

Perl Programming Language

Perl is an active scripting language used in web development, networking, and system administration. Perl performs better than other programming languages when handling computer file systems, Unicode, using text to search for things, and writing reports. If you are thinking of doing anything relating to text, Perl is an ideal programming language to use. The skill of the Perl programming language is needed for many career paths.

MySQL Database Management

MySQL is a database management tool designed to arrange data in tables, where data with the same similarities are linked together. It is a well-known database tool for businesses. Learning MySQL is of great advantage because it is fast, straightforward, and not expensive. You can run MySQL on Windows, Unix, Linux, OS/2, and other operating systems. The skill of MySQL is required in many careers including Database Engineers, Database Administrators, Web Developers, Software Engineers, and PHP Developers.

Microsoft C# Programming Language

C# is a multipurpose programming language that is developed by the Microsoft Corporation. C# is designed to build web apps, mobile apps, and Windows client apps. The most important thing about the .NET language is that it provides various powerful tools for programmers to develop high-quality programs. One of those tools is Visual Studio which has many tools for beginners to use at any time. The C# programming language is becoming very popular as more organizations make use of it.  The skill of C# language is in high demand in the market for developers today.

XML-Extensible Markup Language

XML or Extensible Markup Language is a popular programming language used to display information on the internet. The language is very easy to learn. Using XML, you will be able to build an organized website in several stages. It is a global standard language that allows everyone in the universe to view your page. XML is a very popular language used by few developers. It is a powerful language you can choose for a career in development.

HTML-HyperText Markup Language

HTML is a language skill that is best for web design careers. A basic understanding of HML is needed to build a web page that people can view and use. HTML is also a simple language to learn. With HTML, you can create a standard web page that defines the headings, paragraphs, links, imageries, and more. Knowledge of HTML is needed for web design or web development career paths.

Project Management

Project management is in high demand in many companies, and so is the demand for project managers. Many companies face severe competition, so they need the means to combat it. No matter the technical career you choose, technical project management is a must-have career skill to continue growing within an organization. When you start with formal project management training, you will know about performing technical roles at the senior level. It’s critical to be able to zoom out and see how all the pieces of a project work together in order to build successful software products.


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