Top 8 Help Desk Certifications

Dec 17, 2021

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You went ahead and installed one for your customer support staff after reading the great list of the top help desk software. However, despite having these new, shiny tools, your crew is left scratching their heads, unsure how to utilize them. While they may come with some instructions, no manual will educate your customer service representatives on using your new help desk to its full potential.

Fortunately, your employees can learn how to utilize a support desk to improve their efficiency via training. These courses are available for a fee or for free. They include various activities to assist representatives in getting comfortable with essential help desk functions and frequent client interactions. In addition, representatives acquire valid credentials indicating their understanding of help desk software after completing training.

In this article, try some of the best help desk certifications for your customer service team in 2021.

1. HubSpot Academy (Free)

In addition to HubSpot’s free help desk, HubSpot Academy provides free online training to assist you in becoming acquainted with the company’s customer support capabilities. The course “Setting Up Your ServiceHub” deconstructs each tool in the ServiceHub suite and discusses how your representatives can utilize each feature to save time and automate processes. You’ll be able to swiftly and effectively onboard your new help desk software by having your representatives take this training.

You can finish HubSpot’s academy modules for general customer service abilities even if you aren’t utilizing their products. The “Client Success and Account Health Checks” program, for example, teaches participants how to monitor and manage customer relationships using help desk technologies. In addition, these classes teach skills that you can apply to any customer support team that uses help desk software.

2. ITIL Foundation ($549)

The famous ITIL Foundation training course from Axelos teaches learners the fundamentals of customer service and how to utilize help desk technologies. In addition, it is a compilation of best practices for providing IT services to clients. This training walks service representatives through each recommended practice and includes activities to help them learn the ITIL methodology.

Participants may opt to attend an in-person training session with an ITIL expert, which is a nice feature of this course. These workshops are two days long and include a final test at the conclusion. If you don’t have access to training, you may prepare for the final test using the ITIL Foundation book, available both online and in print.

3. Google IT Support ($49/month)

Participants who do not have an IT or customer service background may take a Google IT Support course, which teaches customer support principles. This virtual course is ideal for those just getting started in their professions and learning how to troubleshoot complex technical problems effectively. Users will learn universal troubleshooting procedures via interactive laboratories and reviewable exams.

The way Google inserts client testimonials into the lectures is a standout aspect of this training. You’ll hear from genuine Google employees who have utilized this training to further their careers. In addition, it encourages salespeople to finish the movement because they see the significance of the certification.

4. CompTIA A+ ($219)

CompTIA is a virtual learning company that offers a variety of career-focused courses. Its CompTIA A+ course teaches students the fundamental abilities they’ll need for a job in IT or customer service. It is a list of the help desk tools they may anticipate seeing in a support job.

CompTIA A+ also includes a security course, which educates your salespeople on handling sensitive data appropriately. It concentrates on some of the most common threats that most devices encounter and best practices for protecting sensitive data. Consumers want your organization to secure their personal information, and with this training, you can satisfy that requirement while also distinguishing your service staff from the competition.

5. Udemy IT Help Desk Professional ($195)

The IT Help Desk, a professional course on Udemy, is a high-level customer service training program that educates representatives to become help desk professionals. This online course unpacks complicated client barriers that are frequent in an IT or customer support profession after covering basic troubleshooting concepts. Installing operating systems, maintaining hardware, and assessing programs for severe operational problems are all part of this process.

It is an online course divided into two parts: a two-hour instructional video and a final test. The video may be seen on a TV or a mobile device, which is a nice feature of this system. Participants may then take the training home and finish it outside of business hours.

6. Microsoft IT Support ($99/course)

The Microsoft IT Support certification is a Microsoft-based training program. The training starts with a review of IT and customer service basics. The document then goes into great depth on utilizing Microsoft’s tools to do various support tasks. This training, like HubSpot’s, assists Microsoft customers in quickly and efficiently implementing their support desk technologies.

Although you must pay for the course, the good news is that the Microsoft-specific modules are free. If your team does not use Microsoft, you may pay for each class separately instead of purchasing them all at once. It saves you money and keeps your employees from going through training that isn’t relevant to them.

7. Network+ ($319)

CompTIA offers Network+, a help desk training curriculum. It is a helpful course that will teach you how to handle network problems that influence customer service tools, such as lousy connectivity and network security. In addition, because most help desk software runs via the internet, this training guarantees that your devices continue up and operating even if your network goes down.

The training starts with an overview of network fundamentals and how technology, such as wifi, interacts with your help desk software. The book then goes through how to properly manage network gear and what to do if your network connection isn’t working. Finally, the course closes with a network security lesson that explains what your representatives can do to protect your system from a cyber-attack.

8. HDI-CSR$ (399)

HDI-CSR is an online help desk training for customer service representatives. This course focuses on the customer service component of help desks and how your representatives may utilize these tools to improve their soft communication skills. One session, for example, describes how your agents may handle client requests using a ticketing system and go out the processes required to do so.

Like the ITIL Foundation curriculum, this course includes live classroom instruction that you can take either in person or online. They’re six-hour workshops led by specialists in the area of customer service.


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