Do Internships at Netflix Come Easy?

Feb 14, 2022

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Netflix’s worldwide success has made it a sought-after tech firm for job seekers. An internship with Netflix can help you build your résumé and open doors to various job prospects. As a qualified employee, apprentice, or intern, it’s an excellent way to get your foot in the door of a reputable company.

But first, you’ll need to find out how to land a Netflix internship. This post provides answers to common internship questions, interview advice, and a list of available Netflix internship positions for 2022. Continue reading to discover more about this famous and successful entertainment company and prepare for your future job.

A Quick Overview of Netflix

Netflix, located in Los Gatos, California, is a worldwide subscription-based entertainment streaming service. The company was launched in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph as a mail-order DVD rental service. Netflix users would search for movies and have DVDs delivered to their houses.

Netflix started selling streaming services to members in 2007 as the business developed. Netflix’s growth exploded due to these improvements, and it is now the world’s largest streaming service and production firm. The company’s streaming services are now accessible in over 190 countries, and it has collected yearly revenue of over $25 billion in only 13 years.

Internships at Netflix

Netflix has a reputation for not offering internships, but that has changed in recent years as the corporation has begun to welcome interns. The entertainment firm provides a 12-week summer internship to give each student a unique internship experience. In addition, the corporate management connects each intern with projects and groups depending on their competence once observed.

You will be integrated into the team as a full-time employee as an intern, giving you a taste of what it’s like to work at Netflix. Individuality, innovation, and various opinions are encouraged in the company’s internship program. Netflix is also an equal opportunity company that values diversity and inclusion to develop a thriving workforce.

What is the Role of a Netflix Intern?

Netflix internships are designed to match the responsibilities of a full-time job. Depending on the intern position and department, interns are integrated into the team and execute various tasks. They’ll be in charge of creating and evaluating code, working on projects with other team members, addressing real-world business challenges, and other responsibilities.

Qualified interns are matched with a group of Netflix workers who will mentor them and give assistance during their summer internship. Interns now work remotely or in California’s Los Gatos and Los Angeles offices.

What is it Like Being a Netflix Intern?

Many Netflix interns have nothing but positive things to say about their time there. On Glassdoor, the company maintains a 4.8-star rating, with 100% of users saying they would suggest the Netflix internship program to a friend. The corporation pays a premium on interns’ professional growth by working independently on simple projects.

Interns liked Netflix’s cultural principles because they support individual decision-making, wide sharing of information, honesty, avoiding regulations, and preserving professional standards. In addition, you’ll get free meals, health insurance, transportation, paid vacation days, and a competitive monthly income.

Is Getting an Internship at Netflix Difficult?

Netflix does not provide many internships in general, making it difficult for candidates to join the organization. However, recruiting managers seek a high-level intern’s enthusiasm, ingenuity, and experience. You will also be up against highly competent pupils from all around the nation.

All interested interns are also encouraged to read the full corporate culture document. Understanding the company’s culture can help you determine whether you are a suitable match for their intern positions.

How Much Would a Netflix Intern Make?

According to Huyen, Netflix recruits interns as contractors, a former Netflix intern. As a result, Netflix workers, on average, earn more money per month than employees at comparable Internet businesses. Netflix interns earn about $40,103 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Keep in mind that this number is based on tens of thousands of employee reviews on the company’s website. Unfortunately, Netflix does not give specific statistics, so your summer internship income can differ from the Glassdoor estimate.

How to Apply as an Intern at Netflix?

You already know how difficult it is to get a Netflix internship. However, you’ll be a little closer to landing your dream summer internship if you stick to the application procedure. Here’s a quick approach to learning more about how to apply for a Netflix internship.

Search for Netflix Internship Opportunities

Netflix’s careers site has the most up-to-date internship information. You can use the term “internships” and search through all results to discover the ideal internship program. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on open internship job ads on other employment sites, such as LinkedIn, where you can uncover legitimate Netflix job openings.

Fill Out and Submit an Application form

After you’ve found an internship program that’s right for you, fill out the application form at the bottom of the job description. If you’re using a job board, the link will also take you to Netflix’s official website, where you’ll find the application form.

Your personal information, resume, and an area for optional self-identification are all included on this form. Gender, ethnicity, handicap status, military information, and sexuality are all included in the self-identification section.

Observe the Response

The recruiters will review your application and contact you within two weeks. You must then prepare for a three-part interview, including a 30-45 minute phone interview with a recruiter, a technical interview, and an onsite interview in Los Gatos. Only candidates with prior experience can go to the next round of the interview process.

How to Secure an Internship at Netflix in 2022

Netflix interns are encouraged to develop as creative and dynamic thinkers in a positive work atmosphere, in addition to offering a fantastic entertainment experience.

It’s a beautiful time for tech and non-tech students to start thinking about applying for Netflix internships. Netflix takes the effort to compile a comprehensive list of internship opportunities for the following year. Some of the internships you can anticipate in 2022 are listed below.

Internship in Software Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: Must be graduating in Fall/Winter 2022 or Summer 2023 with a BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistics, Math, Engineering, or related discipline.

Required Skills: Communication skills, knowledge of object-oriented programming languages, data structure experience, and problem-solving abilities are all desirable.

Location: Los Gatos, California

Duration: 12 weeks 

Commencement Date: Summer 2022

The platform engineering interns will focus on initiatives to help Netflix enroll 500 million users globally. You’ll collaborate with technical partners and stakeholders to assist engineering teams in identifying and resolving challenging operational challenges. You’ll also be in charge of large-scale company demands and data analysis from many sources.

To be considered for this position, you must be familiar with RESTful service design and development and the operation of scalable distributed systems. Applicants must also take courses in dimensional data modeling, data warehouse architecture, and ETL. With the help of your team, you’ll work as a competent software engineer.

Internship in Machine Learning Research

Eligibility Criteria: Must be obtaining a Ph.D. in a STEM discipline, working in the US, and researching at a recognized university

Required Skills: Programming language proficiency, oral and writing communication abilities, and knowledge of distributed computing, statistics, and machine learning are required.

Location: Los Angeles and Los Gatos 

Duration: 12 weeks

Commencement Date: Summer 2022

Over time, the internship program in machine learning research has expanded. The research staff is thick of Netflix’s operations, producing crucial data to help the company grow. Content appraisal, personalization algorithms, and video optimization will all need your algorithm talents.

You must be an expert in software engineering best practices such as code authoring and testing. Interns in machine learning research also engage in audio or video coding, machine learning, experimentation, and causal inference. In addition, you’ll be spending a lot of time evaluating data, creating models, and solving open-ended problems.

Internship in Data Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: Must be pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in computer science, statistics, engineering, or a relevant field, with a Winter 2022 or Summer 2023 graduation date projected.

Required Skills: Knowledge of programming languages, communication abilities, and understanding of distributed systems concepts such as Hadoop and Spark are required.

Location: Los Gatos, California

Duration: 12 weeks

Commencement Date: Summer 2022

You’ll be a part of Netflix’s data science and engineering team, which works to improve the company’s operations in many ways. For example, you’ll share tips for creating analytical data models and audits that keep data quality high. You’ll also utilize a data processing framework to create large-scale pipelines, handle data issues, and cooperate with other cross-functional teams.

Internship in Consumer Insights

Eligibility Criteria: Must be pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate in marketing, psychology, communications, or a related discipline.

Required Skills: Knowledge of numerous research procedures such as survey sampling, statistical analysis, and regression modeling, as well as strong interpersonal skills

Location: Los Angeles and Los Gatos 

Duration: 12 weeks

Commencement Date: Summer 2022

The ideal applicant for this position is an excellent communicator who likes research and is familiar with Netflix’s culture. You’ll also need to be well-versed in innovative and practical research approaches that produce outcomes. Designing and conducting research initiatives, collaborating with researchers to identify and close gaps, evaluating engagements, and providing frequent reports are just a few of your responsibilities.

It is a communication position that requires charisma, confidence, and exceptional communication abilities. You must always maintain the company’s basic principles, whether you’re dealing with a customer or a stakeholder.

Internship in Experimentation and Causal Inference

Eligibility Criteria: Must be eligible to work in the United States while earning a Ph.D. in a relevant subject.

Required Skills: Communication skills, proficiency in computer languages such as R and Python, continuing research into online experimentation and causal inference

Location: Los Gatos, California

Duration: 12 weeks

Commencement Date: Summer 2022

To enhance the entertainment experience, make informed judgments, and build flexible processes, Netflix depends on experimentation and research. You’ll examine user interactions and provide conclusive reports from people from various walks of life. Then, these interns will design and execute strategies to help the organization make better decisions.

You must be enthusiastic about research, have familiarity with version control systems like git, and have previous articles in journals on experimental and causal inference to be considered for the position.

What Can You Do to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Netflix Internship?

Locating an internship at Netflix may not be as straightforward as finding a movie on the streaming service, but we’re here to help. As with every job application, you’ll need a few pointers to help you stand out from the crowd. Continue reading to learn how to boost your chances of landing a summer internship with your desired firm.

Obtain Practical Experience

According to Netflix employee James Schek, the corporation values experience over rookies. As a result, Netflix does not provide traditional internships that provide formal professional development to interns. Instead, you must demonstrate your technical experience and skills. Your chances increase if you can persuade the recruiting manager of your work ethic and experience.

Huyen further said that at Netflix, there is no hand-holding and that all interns are expected to get directly into work, manage innovative projects, offer ideas, and work autonomously. Therefore, enrolling at a coding boot camp, contributing to open source projects, or working on your projects are all ways to obtain practical expertise.

Learn about Netflix’s Culture and Values

Netflix’s work culture is critical to the company’s operations. Therefore, you must have a good understanding of these cultural values before going in for your interview.

One of the crucial business culture documents among Silicon Valley tech organizations supports distinct fundamental principles. Communication, passion, boldness, curiosity, selflessness, integrity, impact, innovation, and inclusivity are among them. You can see the complete business culture memo on the official website.

Make a Professional Resume

Your resume has the potential to make or destroy a job interview. Before you send your resume to Netflix, read the job description and make sure you know what the position requires. The hiring manager will review this document to understand your personality, examine your abilities and experience, and decide if you are a good match for the position.

Customize your CV to meet the job description based on your credentials. Remember that Netflix does not recruit interns who do not have prior experience. Instead, the firm prioritizes interns with projects, previous job experience, exemplary publications, and technical skillsets.

Get Ready for Your Job Interview

Netflix has a rigorous recruiting procedure, and despite the internship being entry-level employment, you will still be subjected to a lengthy interview. A phone interview is part of the process, and it includes questions about your interest in the position and the corporate culture. It takes around 30-45 minutes in most cases.

You will have a second phone conversation that will be more technical and feature a fictional project in a few days. Then, within six to eight hours, you must submit your proposal. Successful applicants will be invited to an onsite interview, which will include a 45-minute technical and a second 45-minute informative session.

Should I Apply for a Netflix Internship?

Yes, interns at Netflix get a comprehensive understanding of what to anticipate in the tech business. Working on projects, collaborating, and contributing ideas will help you develop your creative brilliance in addition to working for the world’s premier entertainment organization. In addition, having Netflix as a company employer on your resume is a plus that can help you get more interviews in the future.

The official internship program promotes professional development and provides interns with a terrific experience. Furthermore, the perks that come with working at Netflix are fantastic. You’ll have access to corporate resources, competitive compensation, and a rewarding work environment.

Internships at Netflix: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Netflix internship program throughout the summer?

Only the most accepted applicants will be chosen for the summer internship, a 12-week program. Netflix offers a summer internship in its Los Gatos and Los Angeles headquarters every year. Internships are also available in countries other than the United States.

How can I get a Netflix internship in 2022?

It would be best to look for available internship positions on the company’s website or job search websites. Then, fill out the application form found beneath the job description once you’ve decided on a program and wait for feedback. Netflix exclusively recruits pupils who are highly qualified and have exceptional talents. As a result, you can choose to hone your abilities and obtain practical experience.

What should I know about Netflix interviews before I go?

The workplace culture fit at Netflix is an important aspect of the recruitment process. First, all candidates should look up Netflix’s values and see if it fits their values. Then, you can read Netflix’s paper on culture on their site. Finally, come up with examples of how you followed those values in your previous roles.

Is it possible for me to work at Netflix full-time after my internship?

Yes, Netflix gives employment offers to interns who excel throughout their internship. If you provide excellent work, integrate into the team, and exemplify Netflix’s fundamental values, you may be considered for a full-time position. You can still seek a job at Netflix if you aren’t awarded permanent status following your internship. However, you may need to complete your education before joining the company.


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