How to Get an Internship at Google STEP

Mar 8, 2022

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This comprehensive guide on getting into this sought-after internship program includes technical interview strategies, suggested computer science courses, and program criteria.

It’s a well-known truth that getting into Google is challenging, whether you’re seeking a full-time career, an internship program, or just being a part of the firm in general.

Google STEP internships are in great demand. The STEP internship is exceptionally competitive and provides a unique chance for professional and technical progress to first and second-year undergraduate students. In addition, working as a Google STEP intern gives students a strong foundation for future jobs at Amazon, Facebook, etc.

Although applying for the Google STEP internship may seem overwhelming, it is feasible after having all of the necessary information. From the application preparation to the interview to the program requirements, this guide will bring you through the whole process of applying for an internship.

The Google STEP Internship

The Student Training In Engineering Program, or Google STEP Internship, is a summer internship designed for 1st and 2nd undergraduate students.

STEP interns work on software projects alongside their peers for the duration of the 12-week program, gaining necessary professional experience and technical expertise from full-time Google professionals.

Like several of its other programs, Google’s STEP internship favors applicants from historically underrepresented groups, such as students from different ethnic backgrounds, students with impairments, and first-generation students.

Achieving the Criteria: Minimum Requirements

The following are the minimal requirements for the internship:

  • A first- or second-year computer science student (or a related field)
  • First-year students must have completed at least one college-level computer science course (AP and IB courses do not qualify)
  • Second-year students must have completed at least two computer science courses in college.
  • Have Java, Javascript, Python, C++, and C programming experience
  • Currently enrolled at an American (North) university.

Qualifications Preferred

Here are the program’s required qualifications:

  • After completing the 12-week summer internship, you must still be enrolled in a degree program for at least two years.
  • Able to work full-time throughout the 12-week internship

Don’t worry if you don’t satisfy the minimum standards. Google offers several internship options. Whether you’re a self-taught coder, a recent graduate, or a third-year student, Google has a job for you. See our guide to Google’s BOLD Internship Program and our video on Google’s software engineering internship for more information.

Step1: Preparing Your Application

Understand the Timeline

Because the exact dates vary every year, the following is a rough guide to the US application cycle:

  • Mid-September is when applications are accepted.
  • Early November is the cut-off date for submitting applications.
  • Interviews are conducted from October through April.
  • Internships might go from May to August or from June to September.

The dates for applying for foreign Google STEP Internship programs vary. Check Google’s website often, regardless of the office you want to work in. It will keep you informed about new job openings and encourage you to apply early.

Find Out More About the Application

The application procedure is relatively simple. What you must submit is as follows:

  • Contact information
  • Transcript of records 
  • Resume/CV
  • Essay

Prepare Ahead of Time

Ensure you accomplish the checklist below before submitting your application to ensure that you have the most excellent chance!

Revisit Your Resume and Have It Reviewed

Check whether your resume is up to date and includes all relevant work experience. We also suggest that you get it reviewed by experts in the subject in advance — this might be a family member, a mentor, or anybody else! In addition, your university’s career center or equivalent can be a great source of advice and assistance, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Get in Touch With Former Google STEP Interns

Gaining intimate knowledge about the program, whether it’s about the work culture or the professional experience you’ll get, will provide you with an advantage when applying. In addition, it is an excellent chance to hone your networking skills: don’t hesitate to reach out to Google STEP interns through LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It’s even better if they’re alumni of your school.

Demonstrate a Willingness To Learn More About Google

Even though it seems to be a no-brainer, don’t disregard it! Reach out to Googlers and recruiters for informative interviews to take advantage of the move to digital employment. Also, ask the career center at your school to ask if Google will hold any information sessions or send staff to your campus.

Referrals aren’t essential, but they can help you get noticed. Keep in touch with the people you’ve reached out to if you’re able. You’ll have a better chance of obtaining a reference in the future if you do this.

Make Your Presence Felt

Participating in a Google coding competition is a terrific approach to attract a recruiter’s attention. Coding contests are also an excellent way to show off your knowledge of a specific programming language, such as Java, Python, or another. Kick Start, Hash Code, and Code Jam are the three coding contests that Google presently sponsors.

Step 2: Performing Well in the Interview

Interview Process

The interview consists of two 45-minute phone conversations separated by 15 minutes. The recruiter may ask you several data structure and algorithm questions through every interview.

Each 45-minute interview is divided into three parts:

  • Introductions
  • Evaluation of the technical requirements
  • Questions to end with

You’ll go to the matching stage if you pass the technical phase. The interviewer will add your information to a candidate pool, and interested teams will arrange a meeting with you. Because the organization has judged your competencies adequate, these discussions are about cultural fit. Prepare to talk about how the team’s objectives, expertise, and interests align with yours.

How to Get Ready

To prepare for your technical interview, consider the following suggestions:

Review the Fundamentals

Make sure you have a firm knowledge of the foundations, as with every interview: in this instance, the emphasis will be on data structures and algorithms.

Work on Your Best Programming Language

Though Java, C++, and Python are the most often used languages at Google, it is far better to walk through an issue in a language you are familiar with than to fall into one when attempting to use an unfamiliar language.

Practice Interviews With a Board and a Companion

One of the most effective strategies to prepare for technical interviews is solving issues with a partner in real-time. Take advantage of a virtual or physical whiteboard to brainstorm questions to answer.

Important Factors to Consider

Recruiters consider a few essential factors mentioned below while interviewing applicants:

Problem-solving and Analytical Skills: What method did you use to investigate the issue? Did you handle the problems systematically and logically? Have you overlooked any possible exceptions or edge cases?

Code Reliability: Do you have a solid understanding of essential concepts? Is your code up to standard? Have you put your code to the test?

Communication Skills: Is your code readable and maintainable? Did you present your views clearly and concisely?

Collaborative Skills: Is it a pleasure to work with you?

Step 3: Enjoy the Program

Locations to Explore

The Google STEP internship is available in many places, including numerous foreign locations! Mountainview (CA), Mexico City (Mexico), Zurich (Switzerland), Dubai (UAE), and many more are among the most popular.

What to Anticipate

The STEP internship will be split into many essential components during the summer. We’ve compiled a list of them below:

Project for Software Development

Each STEP intern will work on an actual development project with a Google team and their fellow STEP interns.

Technical Training

By being exposed to new tools and programming languages, interns will improve their coding abilities. As previously said, Google favors Java, C++, and Python, so expect to get a solid understanding of these languages.

Experience in the Workplace

Interns will get the opportunity to attend many technical seminars with top Google executives and resume evaluation, technical interview preparation, and presenting skill improvement.

Google Professional Mentorship 

A Google Engineer will be assigned to each intern as a mentor during the summer.

Are You Ready To Join the Ranks of Googlers?

It’s not simple to get into one of Google’s most desired internships. However, if you succeed, you will get access to a network and community of some of the field’s most enthusiastic and intelligent experts.

To get there, follow our internship application standards, believe in your ability, and don’t be afraid to contact Googlers and recruiters. Communication is essential for gaining the job and excelling while you’re there.

Google values strong credentials, but only the most enthusiastic and motivated individuals are accepted. You’ll be in fantastic shape if you approach this process with an open mind, a desire for progress, and a strong sense of dedication.


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