5 Tips to Have a Good Relationship with Your Boss

Do you have a good relationship with your boss, or do you have a deep loathing for your manager?

It is essential that your work environment feels comfortable and a good relationship with your boss is a big component of that. The relationship between employees and managers is an important one for all parties involved. It requires work from both sides but since you can only control your own input, we’ll focus on that.

Avoid habits like keeping your head down to just complete your work and not worry about your work relationship.

Having these strong relationships means the whole organization functions better. Ultimately, it impacts the company’s culture but more importantly, your day-to-day engagement and satisfaction with your job.

However, these complex relationships are not formed overnight and require some thought and consideration. How can you improve your relationship with your boss if things aren’t going well?

Below are five tips for a better relationship with the boss so you can hopefully reap the rewards of an improved relationship.

Be aware of your boss’s communication style

The way your communication is with your boss will affect the type of relationship you have. Communication styles differ with different managers, and it depends on the one you have and the style they prefer.

So, when you figure out how he or she relates, it will be easier for you to connect with them accordingly. For instance, does he or she probe you with one question after another? Does he or she sit back and prefer to listen? Be aware of these nuances and adhere to that communication style.

Also, consider the communication method they choose depending on the situation: emails for explanations, meetings for questions, or messages for all of the above?

How many times have you told your boss that one of his or her ideas isn’t so great? It’s a difficult conversation for any employee, but it’s an important one. Find out which method they prefer to hear feedback so that you know how to address any concerns in the future.

Ask for feedback

Feedback helps you to know if you are on the right track. For example, when you have a boss who is never around as they travel a lot, you must ensure they know what you are working with or doing.

In this way, you will get automatic feedback if it is okay and necessary. This is a better way instead of waiting for your annual performance appraisal to get feedback on your performance. At the same time, constant feedback would have helped you to improve and better your work.

Also, the more you improve from the feedback you get, you will impress your boss, and in the future, you will earn raises and promotions. Also, it creates a good relationship between the two of you.

All relationships take work, including the one that you have with your boss. So communicate often, be respectful, ask questions when you are not clear about what is expected of you, and you will be well on your way to working happily.

Avoid making excuses

Excuses will just make your relationship with your boss worse. You should ensure you perform all your essential tasks other than creating reasons for them. For instance, showing up to work on time shows that you respect not only your work but your boss and colleagues.

Avoid making excuses as managers don’t want to hear them or even care what your reasons are as long as you have met deadlines, among other duties you have to perform.

Therefore, since you are an employee, avoid excuses, and in this way, you will create a good relationship with your boss.

Demonstrate your innovation and initiative

Every CEO or manager wants a company full of motivated and productive employees. Showing that you’re excited to take on new projects will help both you and your boss succeed.

If you work in an office where people are constantly pitching ideas for new products, services, projects, or process improvements, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and volunteer to take the initiative on something.

On the other hand, if suggestions aren’t free-flowing, keep a running list of your ideas and offer them up at your monthly meetings with your boss.

Being innovative and taking the initiative shows your manager that you’re invested in growing with the company. That is bound to lead to a better relationship between the two of you.

Do more than expected

Just doing what is expected of you does not set you apart from other employees. Managers value employees who do their jobs and look for and carry out new and better ways of accomplishing tasks.

Be proactive, come up with solutions, and schedule time to present them to your manager. This will reflect wonderfully on you. Also, volunteering yourself for projects can be a great way to show your initiative and interest in going above and beyond.

A healthy, respectful relationship with your manager can improve your morale and productivity, and ultimately, it can boost your career. But, if you want a relationship that goes beyond “we get along fine,” here are five suggestions for building a stronger alliance with your boss.

Your Turn

Productive, respectful relationships between a boss and his or her employees are critical to any company’s success. While the boss’s top priority is likely to have hardworking employees who fulfill his vision for the company, it’s a safe bet that he’d also like to have more than superficial relationships with the people he works with every day. After all, he probably spends more time with his staff than he does with anyone else.

What do you do regularly to improve your relationship with your boss? How do you make her happy when things aren’t going quite right? What tips can you share that will help us improve our relationships and get that raise we need?

When it comes to your job, it’s important to try and build a good relationship with your boss or at the very least a successful working relationship since being able to do this can positively impact your career long term.


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