How to Make the Most Out of Your Internship

Aug 15, 2021

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Expand Your Skills and Record What You Do

You might write your first computer program or newsletter, run a project, or create a schedule during your internship. There are also some other strenuous grunt works, which internship programs reserve for interns. No matter the work you do, be rest assured that you’re gaining the knowledge and skills that are distinctly different and worthwhile than those taught in the classrooms.

Some simple tasks like connecting with staffers through the daily email information can be more effective on your resume.

For a good reason, note everything you learn and carry out during your internship. Keeping a journal of your experience can be helpful. You can also keep a digital note or draft an email that includes the date every time you carry out a new task. 

When writing a job description for your resume, you don’t need to include these notes because they aren’t necessary.

Ultimately, note that the purpose of your internship is to learn and not just help the company. Note everything being discussed during meetings and ask questions for clarification about things you don’t understand.

If your colleagues bring about relevant new stories, tips, interesting, or resources, ensure to follow up, research, and learn more. This process will help you become a more informed and applicable candidate during interviews.

Request Feedback

Interns are considered newbies, so you already have them added to your title. Though it may be frustrating and limit you from more exciting tasks, you don’t need to know everything. You can take advantage of your expectations by asking many questions.

At the same time, ask for feedback from colleagues and managers. Fetch out what you can always do better. Though it’s ridiculous to be criticized, it’s a means of improving your skills. It is better to discover the area you’ve poor performance than during a full-time job, so you won’t eventually get fired.

Also, interviewers will be interested to know your biggest weakness is. So you should know how to give a sincere reply.

Ultimately, if mistakes aren’t devastating at any time in your career, then it’s now. Though you won’t like to make mistakes, nobody is perfect – you are likely to make mistakes. When you do, admit your errors and ask your manager politely what you can do to correct your mistakes. Then note it under the lessons you learned during your internship.

Do Your Best

To know if you have the best internship, it must have challenging and exciting works. On the other hand, this may not apply to some internships. If you’re striving to stay engaged during your internship service, here are the things to keep in mind:

Request More Assignments: If you’ve completed your assigned tasks, volunteer for additional works and projects. You can also make a list of some significant projects and seek the advice and permission of your manager if it’s good to proceed with them.

Remain Assertive: The earlier you meet with your manager, the better to get a sense of expectations. Note that their responsibility is to ensure you have a meaningful experience. If you want to achieve resume-worthy goals or meet with certain people, inform your manager.

The only thing you’ll keep in mind is their schedules since most office workers are often exhausted.

Do Not Get Bored: Depending on your responsibilities, getting excited with strenuous works might be challenging. No matter how tiresome the job may be, don’t let it show in your attitude or on your face. During interviews, refrain from checking social media or your phone at your desk, even if it’s part of your responsibilities.

Build Networks and Find a Mentor

Form a relationship that will last a lifetime if you’re among a group of interns. Always create the appropriate time to socialize with your colleagues and beyond the interns’ circle. Ask coworkers to meet for a coffee or sit with them at lunch. Partake in company-wide social events and associate with many people you think can help your career.

Avoid being intoxicated when “booze” is served, but you can take a few shots and still comport yourself. Even if you’re at the age, being an intoxicated intern at a work event isn’t a good look.

Ultimately, search for career mentors who can advise you, write recommendations, and assist you in making beneficial connections. You can also ask some coworkers you know too well about how they got to where they are and how they can advise you. In essence, these conversations are the beginning of a mentor-type relationship, which can serve as a driving force throughout your career.

Start Your Career Journey

An internship is only one piece on your path to a college degree. To fully utilize your internship opportunity, follow and apply the steps discussed above. Making the most of your internship opportunity means you’re taking the first step towards achieving a meaningful and rewarding career.


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