How to find a mentor?

Jun 18, 2021

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It is very critical to know about mentoring. Who will appropriately be a mentor? I see a lot of people not taking the mentoring in the right way as it should be.

People usually ask ones they admire or follow to be their mentor, and on the other hand, they compel their friends and relatives into an awkward position in which they are in a situation where they are stuck between “yes” and “no.” All this means to say that it’s not the way mentoring works.

One of the trickiest things about mentoring is that most of the time, it’s informal, which might be very difficult to know from where to start or knowing the entry point.

The right mentoring relationship can be a powerful tool for professional growth. It can lead to a new job, a promotion, or even a better work-life balance. Mentorship done in the right way can be life-changing. Being in a relationship with your mentor and following his advice is the key to success.

I suggest the following principles, which will help develop a strong mentoring relationship, not depending on your career and age. 

What is mentorship?

A mentor is someone who has experience and detailed insight into their relevant field. He advises those who regularly took his mentorship every time, which helps them improve their living standards and be happy all the time.

The mentors have some relationships with other persons by giving advice, listening to questions and concerns.

Is Mentorship right for you?

Be calm and sit down with patience and think and research yourself to find out that you are quite able enough to pursue your goals and succeed in your life, or you will need some help from an experienced person or a mentor.

It is very necessary to find out this issue. If not, you will probably have infrequent arguments with your mentor regularly, which costs them the time and energy of both you and your mentor.  

Find someone like you but an experienced one

To live anywhere, it’s very helpful to work with like-minded people around you in your circle. The same applies here in finding a mentor. Because if you find a mentor in a hurry and get bored while sitting for a while in front of him, it’s not going to work for you and the mentor himself. Therefore, it’s very necessary to find someone who has interests, nature, and mindset most close or close to you, so that you both can enjoy each other’s company.

Secondly, make sure that the person you are going to choose as your mentor should be in your field as well. If you are a medical student, then your mentor should know the insights of medical science. The same applies to every field

Make a list of your mentorship needs

You should make a list before selecting your mentor. It means that you should have some goals which you are expecting to be met by your mentor. Then you can have different mentors where you can match them with your goals and needs so that you can have clear strategies and demands that you will be looking for from your mentor.

Start with your circle

For finding your mentor, I suggest you start this important search from your circle. Looking within your family and friends, etc., who have the same thinking as you discussed above, you can have a good relationship.

A mentor from your circle means that both of you have enough knowledge of each other’s background and nature, and therefore it’s very easy and helpful for the mentor and for you to cooperate more in every realm.

If you didn’t find anyone near you, then go for other sources and searches, but the advice here is to focus on choosing someone like you and experience one of your relevant fields.

Asking someone to be your mentor

Well, after the basic preparations, you should ask for any person to be your mentor. But what would be the appropriate manner of asking someone to be your mentor? Is it through an email or any call or a physical meeting, or do you have any other option or protocol for asking anyone to be your mentor? Well, it’s not difficult, nor is it that easy. keep in mind the following steps

  •  After finding the right person for mentorship, try to arrange a physical meeting if possible. Otherwise, you can utilize other options like email and video calling, especially in these days of COVID-19, when there are fewer chances of physical meetings.
  • You have done your homework, so it’s very easy for you to make him understand why you require mentorship. Explain with logical reasons to convince him to be your mentor.
  •  You should convince him through your reasons and logic behind the selection of him as your mentor. You can give logic by knowing their expertise in the relevant field.

Respect them and give them feedback

During every encounter with your mentor, give him huge respect for his helping hands over you. If he recommends you to read an article or a book, then try to do that in time and leave an email or tell him about the assigned work you have done and give feedback.

It creates a good image of yours in the eyes of your mentor, and he also will try to be helpful in your case because of your responsive and punctual behavior.

Never forget to show gratitude

You should remember that your mentor is also a human, and he has a family and private life to live with. Never try to indulge deep in his life to show your gratitude. Be thankful to him in other ways, like if you saw a feasible post in your office for which you think that your mentor is fit, you can refer it to your mentor to apply for the post.

Someone else is looking for any mentor, then you can refer him to your mentor so that your mentor can have financial support. 

Show your commitment

The relationship between you and the mentor is very important, and both parties should have shown their commitment to their relationship.

You should respect your relationship with your mentor and follow his advice and listen to his concerns and try to solve them in time and on the other hand, your mentor should honestly, according to his ability, look at his disciple or student seriously and give advice and try to remove his mistakes regularly.


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