How to Convey Enthusiasm in Your Job Application

Nov 20, 2021

3 Min Read

If you want to advance your career, you must be an outstanding employee. However, showing your passion for the job can sometimes be even more important than your job performance. There are many ways to demonstrate your passion for the job. In the list below, we highlighted the six most important tips that might get you the job:

Use power verbs

One way to prove your commitment to the job is to use power verbs in your CV and motivation letters. Such verbs can communicate your burning passion and enthusiasm to perform at the highest level. It also gives you a way to show off your past performance on similar jobs. Examples of power verbs include: led, developed, created, designed, managed, and others. Power verbs are easy to notice, so take a good look at your resume, and you’ll find verbs that you should replace with power verbs.

Do the research

Actions speak louder than words. Saying that you’re passionate about the job isn’t enough. You must do the research and show that you’re genuinely interested in the role. One way to do this is to thoroughly digest the vacancy post and look up the company profiles on social media or their website. You could also look at the news centered around the company.

Once you’ve gathered the information, use it to highlight what particular aspect of the job caught your attention and why you’re passionate about working on the job. Point out any experiences or relevant education that you think will help you to perform on the job. Throughout your interview, you can use your research findings to talk about the role you’re auditioning for passionately.

Ask insightful questions

Throughout the interview, candidates have to answer a series of questions. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate a passion for the job. Asking questions yourself can be even more effective for showing your passion. The questions should be concerned with the company itself, its plans, and the people who work there. Doing this will show that you are committed to working and growing at the company for a long time. It also shows that you know what you want and what your goals are. Finally, it boosts your overall credibility as a candidate.

Highlight your achievements

While searching for a job, you are expected to demonstrate your achievements and past results. Employers will use a candidate’s past achievements to measure their dedication to delivering results. By emphasizing their awards or distinctions received on their past jobs, candidates can increase their chances of getting hired. Potential hires should also mention any outstanding results they delivered in their experience. In the best-case scenario, you should mention any verifiable facts to add credibility to your claims.

Share relevant hobbies

Usually, employers don’t expect the candidates to list their hobbies and interests. However, sharing your pastime activities related to the job can boost your credibility and demonstrate your passion. In addition, hobbies can play a more significant role in the hiring process when a candidate has limited experience.

If a job involves content marketing or design, a candidate who spends their free time on blogging or design will be favored. Practice makes perfect, so having a job-related hobby positively affects a candidate’s skills. For instance, if you’re searching for a job in the software engineer field, having a portfolio of personal projects can go a long way. Familiarity with the technologies used today will go a long way, even if coding isn’t your primary job responsibility. If you have relevant hobbies, be sure to mention them in your in-person interview as well.

Reiterate your interest

If you’re excited to be working on a job you’re applying for, don’t hesitate to state your interest by sending an after-interview email. Make sure your email isn’t too flattering, as it may seem fake. However, you can say that you were very impressed with the team and feel reassured that you’d like to work at the company.


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