Building Maintenance Customer Experience

Jan 28, 2024

11 Min Read

1. How would you rate the overall customer experience with our building maintenance services?

I would rate the overall customer experience with your building maintenance services as excellent. Your team is always prompt and efficient in addressing any issues that arise, and the quality of their work is consistently top-notch. I appreciate the regular communication and updates on maintenance projects, as well as the professionalism and courtesy of your staff. Overall, your building maintenance services have exceeded my expectations and have been a valuable asset to our facility.

2. What areas of our building maintenance services do you feel could use improvement for a better customer experience?

Some potential areas for improvement in our building maintenance services include:

1. Response time: Ensuring quick response times to maintenance requests and addressing any issues in a timely manner is crucial for a positive customer experience. If there are any delays in addressing maintenance concerns, it can lead to frustration and inconvenience for customers.

2. Communication: Clear and consistent communication with customers is key in building trust and establishing a good working relationship. This could include regularly updating customers on the status of their maintenance request, providing estimates and timelines for completion, and promptly following up after completing the service.

3. Quality of work: Customers expect high-quality work when it comes to building maintenance services. Consistently maintaining a high standard of workmanship can help build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Transparency with pricing: Hidden fees or unexpected costs can lead to an unpleasant experience for customers. Clearly communicating all costs associated with our services upfront can help establish trust and prevent any misunderstandings.

5. Availability: Having flexible scheduling options for maintenance services, including after-hours or weekend availability, can make it easier for customers to schedule appointments that work best for them.

6. Proactive maintenance: Instead of only responding to requests as they come in, proactively identifying potential issues and addressing them before they become bigger problems shows a proactive approach to building maintenance that customers will appreciate.

7. Accountability: If there are any mistakes or errors made during the maintenance process, taking ownership of them and finding solutions quickly is important for maintaining customer satisfaction.

8. Training and expertise: It’s essential that our team of building maintenance professionals has the necessary training and expertise to handle all types of issues that may arise. Investing in ongoing training to keep up-to-date with industry standards can improve the overall quality of our services.

9. Customer feedback: Regularly seeking out feedback from customers can help us identify areas that may need improvement and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

10.Sustainability practices: With an increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability, customers may appreciate building maintenance services that prioritize eco-friendly practices. Implementing green cleaning methods or using environmentally friendly materials can set us apart from the competition and appeal to environmentally-conscious customers.

3. Have you ever had any issues or concerns with the quality of work provided by our building maintenance team?

4. How satisfied are you with the cleanliness and upkeep of your workspace?
5. Are there any specific areas or aspects of building maintenance that you feel could be improved?
6. Have you ever had to report a maintenance issue, and if so, were you satisfied with the timeliness and resolution of the problem?
7. How would you rate the professionalism and friendliness of our building maintenance staff?
8. Is there anything else you would like to share about your overall experience with our building maintenance team?

4. How would you describe the communication and responsiveness of our building maintenance team when addressing customer requests or feedback?

In my experience, the building maintenance team has been very responsive and communicative when addressing customer requests or feedback. They always follow up promptly and keep us informed of any updates or changes. I have found them to be very professional and friendly in their communication, making it easy to discuss any concerns or issues. They are also open to hearing feedback and suggestions from customers, which I appreciate. Overall, I am satisfied with the level of communication and responsiveness from the building maintenance team.

5. Do you feel that our building maintenance team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction?

I cannot speak for all customers, but I have personally been satisfied with the service and response times of the building maintenance team. I believe they do their best to ensure customer satisfaction and address any issues promptly.

6. Have you ever observed any safety concerns or incidents on the premises related to our building maintenance services?

7. How would you rate the overall cleanliness and appearance of our building?
8. Are there any areas or aspects of our building that you believe could use improvement in terms of maintenance?
9. Do you have any suggestions or feedback for how we can improve our building maintenance services?
10. Is there anything else you would like to share about our building maintenance services?

7. In your opinion, how well does our building maintenance team adhere to schedules and timelines for completing necessary tasks?

I am not able to make a judgement as I do not have enough information about the team’s schedules and timelines. However, from my experience, they seem to be efficient and timely in completing necessary tasks.

8. How satisfied are you with the level of cleanliness and upkeep in common areas of the building after regular cleaning by our team?

1) Very satisfied
2) Satisfied
3) Neutral
4) Dissatisfied
5) Very dissatisfied

9. Have you noticed any recurring problems or issues in terms of equipment or facilities being properly maintained by our team?

Yes, I have noticed a few recurring problems or issues with equipment and facilities not being properly maintained by our team. Some common issues include:

1. Lack of regular maintenance checks: It seems like our team is not conducting regular checks on equipment and facilities, which can lead to larger issues down the line.

2. Failure to report malfunctions: There have been instances where team members have noticed malfunctioning equipment or damaged facilities but failed to report it to the appropriate person or department. This can result in further damage or safety hazards.

3. Incomplete repairs: On occasions when equipment or facilities have been reported for repairs, I have noticed that the repairs are not completed properly and the issue persists.

4. Poor cleaning and upkeep: Some team members seem to neglect basic cleaning and upkeep tasks, such as wiping down equipment after use or ensuring that common areas are kept clean.

I believe these issues can be addressed by implementing stricter protocols for maintenance and emphasizing the importance of regular checks and prompt reporting of any malfunctions. Additionally, training and accountability measures may also be helpful in ensuring that all team members take responsibility for maintaining our equipment and facilities.

10. How do you feel about the professionalism and friendliness of our building maintenance staff when interacting with customers on site?

Based on my experience, the building maintenance staff is very professional and friendly when interacting with customers on site. They are always polite and willing to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have about the building. They also make sure to address any issues or requests promptly and with great attention to detail, which I really appreciate as a customer. Overall, I am very satisfied with their level of professionalism and friendliness while interacting with customers on site.

11. Do you believe that we take into account and address specific customer needs when providing building maintenance services?

Yes, we believe that it is crucial to take into account and address specific customer needs when providing building maintenance services. Every building and its occupants have unique requirements and preferences, and it is important for us to understand and adapt to them. This can include factors such as budget, time constraints, level of cleanliness desired, accessibility needs, and more. By listening to our customers and customizing our services accordingly, we can ensure their satisfaction and build long-term relationships. We also regularly communicate with our clients to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments to better meet their specific needs.

12. Can you recall any instances where our building maintenance team has gone out of their way to resolve a problem for a customer in an effective manner?

Yes, in one instance, a customer reported an issue with their air conditioning unit not working properly. Our building maintenance team immediately responded and determined that the problem was due to a malfunctioning part that needed to be replaced. However, the specific part was not readily available in our inventory and had to be ordered.
To ensure the customer’s comfort, our building maintenance team provided them with a portable air conditioning unit while waiting for the replacement part to arrive. They also scheduled follow-up visits to check on the progress and keep the customer informed. When the part finally arrived, our team worked diligently to replace it and get the customer’s air conditioning unit up and running smoothly again. The customer was extremely satisfied with how quickly and efficiently our building maintenance team handled the situation.

13. On average, how promptly is your requested building maintenance service completed once it has been reported to our team?

This question would need to be answered by the individual or team responsible for completing building maintenance services. They would need to track their response times and calculate an average in order to accurately answer this question.

14. Are there any particular aspects of working with our building maintenance team that have stood out as especially positive or negative for you?


1. Efficient and timely response to maintenance requests.
2. Knowledgeable and skilled team members who are able to handle a variety of maintenance tasks.
3. Strong communication and coordination with tenants regarding any necessary maintenance work.
4. High standards for cleanliness and organization in maintaining the building.
5. Proactive approach to identifying potential issues and addressing them before they become larger problems.

1. Lack of transparency in the maintenance process, such as not informing tenants about when maintenance work will be done.
2. Inconsistent quality of work from different team members.
3. Difficulty in reaching the maintenance team during emergencies or after-hours.
4. Limited availability for scheduling non-urgent maintenance work, leading to delays in repairs or upgrades.
5. Insufficient resources or equipment at times, resulting in longer wait times for necessary repairs.

15. Have we met your expectations in terms of maintaining a safe and hazard-free environment within the property through proper cleaning and upkeep efforts?

Yes, your team has done an excellent job in ensuring that the property is safe and hazard-free through regular cleaning and upkeep efforts. I have not encountered any major safety concerns or hazards during my time here, which shows that you have met my expectations in this regard. Thank you for keeping the property clean and well-maintained for all of us residents.

16. In your opinion, what measures could be taken to further enhance the overall customer experience with regards to building maintenance at the property?

1. Regular communication and updates: Providing timely updates to residents about maintenance or repair work can help them plan their schedules accordingly and reduce frustration. This could include using emails, newsletters or bulletin boards to inform residents about upcoming maintenance work.

2. Implement a convenient system for reporting issues: A user-friendly platform for reporting maintenance issues can make it easier for residents to report problems and for management to track and prioritize them.

3. Efficient response time: Promptly addressing maintenance requests is crucial in providing a positive customer experience. Management should have a system in place that ensures quick response times and efficient resolution of issues.

4. Regular preventive maintenance: Conducting regular inspections and preventive maintenance can help identify potential problems before they become major issues, ultimately saving time and inconvenience for residents.

5. Transparent billing process: Clear communication about the cost of repairs or replacements can help avoid any surprises when residents receive their bill.

6. Availability of onsite staff: Having onsite staff, such as building technicians or concierge services, available during designated hours can help deal with urgent issues promptly and provide assistance to residents when needed.

7. Proactive communication during scheduled downtime: If there are any planned disruptions to building services, management should communicate this well in advance to allow residents to plan accordingly.

8. Implement sustainable practices: Adopting eco-friendly measures such as energy-efficient lighting, water-conserving fixtures and proper waste management not only benefits the environment but also creates a more comfortable living environment for residents.

9. Offer online payment options: Providing convenient options for rent payments can enhance the overall customer experience and save time for both management and residents.

10.Be open to feedback: Encouraging feedback from residents regarding their experience with building maintenance can help identify areas that need improvement and indicate what is being done well.

11. Create a resident portal or app: Providing an online platform where residents can access information related to building maintenance, submit requests, view updates on ongoing projects and communicate with management can enhance the overall experience.

12. Ensure proper training for staff: Management should ensure that maintenance staff are trained to handle various tasks efficiently and professionally, which ultimately reflects on the customer experience.

13. Offer amenities for convenience: Providing facilities like a laundry room, storage lockers, or a gym can add value to residents’ living experience and increase satisfaction.

14. Maintain cleanliness and aesthetics: A well-maintained and visually appealing building exterior and common areas contribute greatly to enhancing the customer experience.

15. Consider implementing technology: Incorporating tools such as automated scheduling software, digital work orders, or smart home devices can make maintenance processes more efficient and improve the overall customer experience.

16. Have a system in place for emergency situations: In case of emergencies, having clear protocols in place can help address any issues quickly and effectively, reassuring residents that their safety is a top priority.

17. Are we providing adequate communication and updates regarding any maintenance work taking place that may impact customers, such as loud noises or temporary closures?

This is a difficult question to answer without more context, as it depends on the specific maintenance work being done and how frequently it occurs. However, in general, providing adequate communication and updates regarding any maintenance work taking place is important for ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing potential disruptions. This may include posting signs or notices in visible areas, sending out emails or notifications through social media or other channels, and providing updates regularly throughout the maintenance process. Additionally, if there are any loud noises or temporary closures that may significantly impact customers, it would be best to provide additional information and alternative options for customers to consider during that time. Overall, clear and timely communication is crucial for maintaining a positive relationship with customers during maintenance work.

18. How would you rate the quality of supplies and equipment used by our building maintenance team in carrying out their duties?

I would rate the quality of supplies and equipment used by our building maintenance team as excellent. They always seem to have the necessary tools and materials on hand to complete any job efficiently and effectively. I appreciate their attention to detail in selecting high-quality supplies and regularly maintaining their equipment. It definitely contributes to the overall success of their work.

19. Have you ever experienced any billing discrepancies related to building maintenance services? If so, how were they handled by our team?

No, I have not experienced any billing discrepancies related to building maintenance services.

20. Based on your experiences with us thus far, would you recommend our building maintenance services to others seeking a similar level of quality and customer experience?

Yes, absolutely. I have been incredibly impressed with the level of service and quality provided by your building maintenance team. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a reliable and thorough building maintenance provider.


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